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From one blogger to another.

Hey guys. So today is a little bit of a different post, but something came to my attention last night. I am not going to name anyone in this post, but last night I came across quite an interesting sequence of events - okay so it wasn't quite that dramatic - and wanted to share a few thoughts of mine with you guys. Someone from a fairly 'popular' blog was seen making rude and snide comments at another blogger for something which they had read completely out of context. The comments were rude and weren't even in the right direction to the original topic, but the person who made these nasty comments wasn't very nice. You're probably expecting me to say ''I am so shocked'' OR "I couldn't believe it" well no, that isn't the case because of a previous instance with this particular person. It made me think - bloggers have their own community and usually these are really positive and exciting, so why are people trying to dictate these kind of things? So let me share my rants with you guys, I would love to know if you feel the same or if I am getting a bit too worked up for nothing.

I would like to say for myself and probably 90% of the other bloggers - there are not any rules to blogging. This is my first and most important thing I am going to say. This post was sparked by the original persons comments, and honestly she fits into the categories I will discuss. So another observation I have made is these supposed rules for blogging...I'm sorry, what? How can you make rules for something so broad and sparse across the world, how can you say you can't post that or well that isn't beauty blogging material. I have been noticing this a lot over the past few months and it really is something which annoys me. If you set up a blog, with your name and in some ways it is your domain - YOU CAN WRITE WHATEVER YOU WANT. Whether you are writing about beauty, bad beauty, bad fashion, wishlists - or whatever else you can think of, it is your blog and your rules. This also applies to the #bbloggers chat. I was reading through the Sunday tweets and I noticed someone saying "It isn't 9, why are you posting links?" and it really annoyed me. Look, I may just being pedantic because I won't deny it, I can be picky/pedantic/childish, let's face it we all can...but I am pretty sure some people have lots of things to be doing, they cannot wait until the end. Surely they shouldn't have to wait until the end or miss out on sharing their link? As the bbloggers chat is supposed to be friendly, I think comments like this put a dampener on the mood of these chats. I personally have begun to prefer the Wednesday chat because of things like this, there is usually a lot less negativity on this. 

So this is a particular topic, I noticed this around the times of the Rimmel Apocolips(is that how you spell it?). So I noticed a few people here and there saying they would't read anymore of these reviews. I can understand they were heavy, but why slate a blog because they reviewed a product someone else had. Imagine if you stopped reading a blog because they did the 100 facts is the same thing because a lot of facts were repeated. These posts weren't complained about, but the rimmel ones were. Personally, I like to get a lot of information about a product before I go and buy it. It took me months of reading posts about NARS blushes to actually purchase one, and if you're like me you don't want to spend money on something you will hate. I read loads of reviews and if there are over a 100 reviews to choose from, then that is great. I won't make a mistake buying something usually, and I can safely say I don't actually own anything I have bought that I dislike due to heavily reading reviews. 

This is something I have noticed a lot. People criticise other peoples blogs for some reason or another, and honestly this isn't aimed at 100% the blogging world. When I started my blog loads of my 'friends' thought it was okay to joke around out of it, and at first it really did get me down and wound me up. They would say things directed at the content and it upset me because it was something I worked hard on to build up. BUT - there is a somewhat happy ending to this short tale - now I am like "look who is laughing now". Besides a few people who ruin it, I have met some amazing people and those who criticised my blog don't understand how many benefits you get from it. Now onto the blogger bit, many bloggers criticise other bloggers on their blogs. They say they aren't doing it right (referring to top rant) and so on...this really winds me up. No blogger has the right to criticise another bloggers work. If you say something constructive - i.e. when I started up, someone told me to enlarge my pictures to show more which was helpful - then it is okay because you're not saying it horribly. But out right saying something nasty about someones blog, or leaving a nasty comment on their post anonymously because you don't like it or something is just horrible and it shows what kind of person you are. Firstly, if you don't like a blog - CLICK OFF. 

This is more twitter related. I am guilty of not always replying to my comments on my post, but that isn't because I don't appreciate every comment but because I hate the comment system and I have a brain like a sieve. I forget instantly. HOWEVER, if you tweet me or email me - I will always 100% reply and no matter how many followers I had, I would always aim to do so. I have noticed a lot of 'bigger' bloggers don't talk to their followers. I would like to point out, this is not a 'rule' so I am not contradicting myself. It is common courtesy. I personally was bought up in quite a strict way - manners were so important. If someone tweets me or emails me, I will always reply to them. If I don't reply straight away, I will have forgotten but again I have such an awful memory. Every single tweet I remember, I reply to or I reply to late if I just remember. I hate being ignored and think people who do so are just rude.This isn't supposed to sound negative or anything, but I just wanted to say it is something which I personally find rude. You may disagree. 


I thought, in hindsight of some rants I would put a little bit of blogger love in here. There are some great blogs in which I personally really look up to and love reading - I also adore the people behind these blogs. I didn't want to leave the post on a negative note, I wanted a happy ending, as many people do. So I am leaving this post with some of my favourite bloggers who are always lovely ... 

1. Emma from Glossy Boutique -

2. Em from Em Talks -

3. Kieron from The Totality -

4. Victoria from Victorias Vintage -

5. Tash from Its Simply Beauty -

6. Jessica from Copper Garden -

7. Emily from Emily Emily Beth -

There are loads more...but it would take me forever to put them in here. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on these topic/s, it is something I am worried I may be getting too caught up in, so leave your thoughts about this. I would love to know! 


  1. I'm really glad you wrote this! I've just started writing my blog this week and I have been worried about what people will think of it, as (i'm not gonna lie) it is a work in progress. Its nice to know that the majority of bloggers are welcoming. I did see some of what I think your referring to and I agree with everything you've said.

    Katie xxx

  2. This is a great post! I don't know who the top rant is about but the twitter thing is so true!

  3. If you're talking about the exchange of words I think you are then I totally agree. I watched it play out on Twitter and I cringed throughout.

    I think some people need to remember that we're all in a similar boat; we enjoy writing our blogs, blogs that are like a little piece of ourselves on the internet, and that we want people to enjoy reading them regardless of the content. It shouldn't be about "Who gets the most page views" or "Who gets to work with which brand", but sharing our thoughts and opinions in a dignified manner without having to resort to playground bitching.

    And thanks for sharing the love too, off to read some new blogs now!

    Christina xo

  4. I hate blogging drama... :( it's always happening & we should all be helping each other not kicking each other down!
    Love this post :)
    Http:// xxxx

  5. I completely agree with you! My blog is very new and I'm always wary of what to write about because I have seen other bloggers complain about certain posts and it makes me very nervous. I haven't many followers (and I don't mean for this to sound like that's all I care about) but I love them & I want to keep them & keep writing things that they find interesting.

    Most bloggers are great and so friendly and helpful, but there are always some (I sound so horrible but it's true) that take things too far.

    So glad you posted this, it's reminded me that its my blog and I can write what I like - so thank you for that! Also, thank you for listing those blogs, I haven't seen some of them before so I have some new blogs to read!

  6. Aww thanks for mentioning me hun! The drama deffo seems to circulate around 1person!

  7. This is so true! So many people ruin it for the rest of us! I am constantly leaving the chat early when it starts getting bitchy. Like you said, it's your blog, so do what you want! A few get on their high horse cos they've been around for longer.

    Great post!


  8. Yay I was going to say I love you for writing this post but then I saw you linked me so I love you twice as much! :P thank you xxxx

  9. I 100% agree with you! Such a great post. Blogging should be fun :)!

  10. Good to see a few of my faves listed there :) good post. I imagine the blogger your on about it on many peoples radars too!

  11. Thankfully, I haven't really seen much negativity! Everything you've said is true, #4 really gets to me. We always email/tweet people back, I hate being ignored. As for content, we write whatever we like! We're not forcing anybody to read it.

    The Style Rawr!

  12. I could not agree with you more, brilliant post!


  13. Great post and thanks for the mention! x

  14. I love this post. I haven't actually noticed any of what you're ranting about myself, but I can imagine it happening a lot. Just as it happens in the real world, girls get catty so I can imagine it happening in the blogging world too. I completely agree with the no rules thing. Blogging is a very personal thing and should reflect everything you want it to reflect, not be a copycat of other blogs.
    I will definitely check out all of the blogs you mentioned here as I'm always looking for new blogs to read! :)

    Christina | Passion Obsession

  15. Awww I love this post! It's great how you've turned a negative into a positive :D.. It's well written and straight to the point :)

    Siobhan xxx

  16. A great post! I'm glad someone is speaking up, instead of putting it to one side like most people tend to do! Blogging has it's advantages and disadvantages, but I think it's important to recognise that we are in a real world!!!!
    Grace X

  17. This is one of the best post ever! That is exactly my point. I hate all that drama and you are right about everything you said. Just ignore those people, and keep doing your good work =^.^=

  18. Amazing Post!
    You are my Giveaway Winner by the way:)
    I will drop you an email xx

  19. Couldn't agree more about your points. I struggled with these issues in the past, and this is why my blog has a declaration of rights on the menu bar. A personal blog is basically an online diary, so what gives someone the right to say what goes in another persons diary? The nerve this takes is shocking. I ignore and do no longer visit the "big bloggers" who do not respond when I have e-mailed them with nice messages or treat me rudely when they do respond. These people do not want me as a reader and I oblige them happily. I am enjoying my blogging so much more now that I don't worry about what any one else thinks. Great and well written post. Very thought provoking : D

  20. Brilliant post, and I think it's nice to finish on such a positive note (plus providing me with a few new reads!). I also think the point about if you don't like a blog, then click off it true. Nobody is forcing you to read it, and if you're just becoming bitter/ angry/ outraged/ WHATEVER, then perhaps you should be looking at yourself rather than blaming the writer..?

  21. I could not agree more! Seeing 'hate' on other blogs really upsets me and frightens me to put my blog out there. I wish the bloggers who are 'popular' released they were once at the bottle of the ladder trying to get their blog out there.

    Lovely blog by the way!

  22. I've never felt like I can't post whatever I want to post, I guess I'm just that sort of person.. I don't care what others think - if they like me that's great, if they don't then I really don't care! If I want to post something, I don't stop to think if everyone will love it, I just do it because it's MY blog :) Not everyone will like absolutely everything you post or everything you say or do, that's life, don't dwell or it will suck the enjoyment out of it.

    As for the person this is mostly about (saw it on my Twitter feed last night!) I've disliked this person for a while. I used to follow them but they rarely replied to any of my tweets/comments (apart from once or twice and was a right snot bag - which I've seen them be like with many other people too) and seemed to only reply to certain people which there is no need for and not someone I'd like in real life so decided to unfollow.

    I never ignore tweets or comments (not on purpose but I've probably missed 1 or 2 by accident at some point) because that's just not who I am, I'm not ignorant, I'm friendly and love making new friends and having a natter and appreciate anyone that takes the time to contact me. I'd never be rude, ignorant, snotty or criticise someones blog because there is no need for it, like you said, if you don't like it then click off!

    Great post :) xxx

  23. It's true, posting whatever you want is actually a basic principle protected by free speech. That being said, the bloggers I read and respect the most are the ones who rise above the trolling nonsense on the internet that we all encounter. I appreciate those who can respond with dignity, while also standing up for themselves. I have unfollowed blogs for nasty, immature behavior in the past and know plenty of others who have done the same. So I suppose though it is anyone's right to post whatever they want, if you care about their blog's followship or longevity, you will keep your nastiness in check.

  24. Love this post, Kassie! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who sometimes feels like this, :) blogging should be for fun! Xxx

  25. I couldn't agree with you more! Well done for speaking what the majority of people were thinking, blogging is a free world and there should be no rules

    Jessie xx

  26. Totally agree with everything in this post, especially the point in #3 that if you don't like a blog and you don't have a helpful critique for it then you should just click off it. The issue seems to be with manners - what happened to "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"?

    ~ Katy

  27. This post has helped me overcome my issues i had tonight with my blog, as i know all bloggers must feel like this i suppose at some point but i do remember seeing that tweet & i must admit i did try & find the tweet hehe :P I always leave a tweet if bloggers have sent me their link that i will read it, it's just common curtosey & i was brought up with being polite & always replying to someone :) i love these blogging tips & will keep this post as favourite so i can look back & think okay i can write about whatever i want when i want :)

    thank you for writing this :)

  28. Now I wonder who is this rude blogger!I'm very curious lol!

    Well the point with blogging is that you can write whatever you want as long as you remember that this is something that many people will read/see and that you dont want to insult them or the situations they are in. Also if you dont like a post/ outfit etc then dont comment (at least thats what I do)! Its much better than commenting and saying something rude. I will never forget when I made my first video and they commented saying your accent is weird..Of course it is! I know that as I have been speaking this language (English) for 5 years or so. I got hurt that day and removed the video. Then told to myself that it doesnt worth it. Bad people will always be out there, the point is our perspective against them..
    Regarding the twitter feed, it is so stupid not to reply back to your friends/followers. These people have helped you to be where you are today. So no matter how busy you are, you should always give them the attention they deserve!

    And at the very end of the day..we are bloggers for God's shake, not NASA scientists, so what the point of boasting all the time? :P
    Great post!

  29. I missed the #bblogger chat so have no idea who you are talking about lol! but never the less I had never experienced any negativity until a little came my way tonight and I have to say it took me by surprise and upset me. I for one use blogging as an escape where I can feel open and free to say what ever I like. For some reason because I have met so many lovely bloggers I just thought the community was immune to it but I guess you can't please everyone and unfortunately now I have discovered that there will be the odd person who wants to start a fight or is negative and you have to say well I am not going to let them ruin my fun!!!

    Lots of Love Ash xxx

  30. I find the people who criticize other people's blogs are usually the ones who completely miss the sense of community blogging is supposed to bring. They're out for themselves and really make it an unpleasant atmosphere. Very well written post.

    Kerry | Kerralina x

  31. Could not agree more. My blog is tiiiiiny, with only a small amount of followers (not complaining, I didn't expect any and I appreciate every one of them), but it really hurts when I get negative unconstructive comments.

    I also agree when you say about some of the "bigger" bloggers who don't take the time to reply. Tbh this is why I no longer participate in the #Bbloggers chat since I just seem to be talking to myself!

    But thankyou for writing this, and i'll enjoy reading those blogs. :)

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  33. This is such a great post! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks and feels it too along with all the other people who have commented. The bblogging community has recently become so clique-y leaving others to feel like outsiders, especially those who have been inspired to start a blog and to then be shot down. I really dislike the attitude that some, not all, but some of the more 'popular' blogs and bbloggers have. Sometimes a bit of popularity goes straight to their heads! Thank you for sending me your link last night Kassie, I have now become a lover of your writting and blog! XX

  34. This is such a great post! We are all in it together and the way I see it, everyone started with no followers and we should remember that. Thanks for your link, now following xx

  35. This is brilliant and needed to be said. I've been preferring FBL Chat (where I found you) lately over #bbloggers chat because it's a nicer atmosphere.

    Roxy's Box of Tricks  
    New follower :)

  36. Interesting post, I found this from the fbloggers chat. But do remember stumbling across it before. I have to agree with most parts but the thing that really annoys me is the bit about Twitter.

    I reply to any one and usually if someone follows me then as long as they don't look like a spam account I'll follow back. Regardless of if they're a blogger out what is all about building a network.

    Often I've tried to interact with bloggers, answering their questions or replying to their comments etc and I find them ignored. I've notice this trend a lot recently and its not even exclusive to large bloggers. Some bigger bloggers from the US I've spoken to have noticed this trend.

    People forget the idea behind social media is to be social. If you want a gated community set your account to private.

    I now just unfollow those that choose to ignore and concentrate on the ones that are actually social and interact and engage.

  37. luv this post I mentioned on twitter the other day about big bloggers not replying and I just unfollowed them all in the end

  38. For me being a newbie blogger is quite daunting, especially feeling a bit intimidated by more established bloggers, interesting post! Glad to see some positivity in the air =)

  39. great thoughts! I really like what you have said and agree! its always better to be kind :)

  40. I've heard a lot about this before but didn't realise it had happened again. It's really not fair because even the "big" blogs started with zero following and so on. It's not about the amount of followers, it's the content and sharing your loves with someone else.

    I've met loads of people through blogging and it's a great community to be involved in. However, there's also a small handful that have to ruin it for everyone else, I say, let's ignore them and carry on being happy :)


  41. I completely agree with you and there are a few that would do well to remember these pointers. Thanks for this post! It's lovely to see that others feel the same and the majority of the blogging community are so lovely :)

    C x |

  42. Good post :) I agree that there are no rules to blogging but there is common courtesy, which you mentioned in your last point, which is just being as polite online as you would in real life! There are some people who find it all too easy to insult behind a computer screen but if you actually put them in front of the blogger they are insulting I doubt they would be able to criticize them then!

    New follower of your blog, genuinely just stalked through all your posts and found this lol... X


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