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A funny kind of day...

 Hey lovelies. So yesterday was one of those days in which one minute it is shining, the next dull. I really cannot wrap my head around this weather, it changes quicker than a females brain, myself included as I do change very quickly. I didn't want to look too wintery so by adding some bright shoes and a bright scarf into the outfits, it made it look a little more spring, a little less drab. I also thought this outfit would be a good compromise for the wintery spring weather that seems to be plaguing us, and I mean serious plague to us English people who just want a little bit of heat. Hair and make up wise I went for a laid back look today - a ponytail and natural make up...perfect & simple! I do love a simple look, partially because it looks nice and natural and also...well because I am a little lazy. If you don't like those extra minutes in bed, you're kidding yourself! I will also be doing another fitness post on Saturday with my progress and also some healthy recipes! So on that note, enjoy the outfit and Spring...please hurry up! Also enjoy Good Friday if you're celebrating, lots of hot crossed buns for everyone who is lucky enough to be able to indulge! They're my favourite, but a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips is nailed into my brain. sigh.

Jacket - New Vibe Boutique; Jumper - H & M; Skirt - not sure, was given to me!; Bag - Mulberry; Shoes and Scarf - H & M; Sunglasses - Moschino 


  1. You look gorgeous, that jumper looks so soft! xo

  2. Lovely outfit, I adoreee the bag!
    Fashion Ganache.

  3. Love your Del Ray, such a gorgeous bag.

    Gillian from x

  4. Gorgeous outfit, love the scarf xx

  5. Your hair is so lovely! And that skirt is adorable, love the print!

    Sophie xo | thatswhatsophiesaid

  6. Love your outfit! That scarf looks so cozy! | bloglovin

  7. Oh my, I want this bag!
    The weather is mad isn't it? I just want it to warm up now!


  8. I love this scarf! really stands out with your outfit



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