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HEY LOVELIES. So unfortunately it is Monday - my least favourite day - and I was lacking some inspiration to post, but wanted to do a post to inspire - yes it doesn't make anymore sense now I have written it out. Nevertheless I thought I would crack on. It is a fairly short post though, apologies! So I was watching 'Chasing the Saturdays' because I am a sucker for anything reality TV - I am lying, I only like a few. I was so inspired by their song 'All Fired Up', honestly not for the lyrics as I cannot remember any of them, but the tune. You know those songs which just make you want to start jumping around pretending it is summer circa 09 (my favourite ever summer)  and having a good time, yeah well this is mine. It is quite an old song, but I wanted to leave you with something to match the sunny weather we are currently experiencing - if it wasn't dark outside... so YES, enjoy the song and get jumping. It has inspired me to do some work outs, so I am going to do some sit ups and what not.

"Blow my mind, blow my mind"

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  1. Definitely needed some inspiration for the gym and seemingly endless essays this week, this has done the trick! Thanks!

    Sophs xx

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