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OPI Mariah Carey Mini Collection

Hey lovelies! So today I thought I would share my thoughts on the OPI Mariah Carey collection. this has seemingly been quite popular with it being sold out online where I got mine from, but nevertheless I personally have mixed opinions. The thing which intrigued me about this product was the fact it is liquid sand - I know right, weird! So I was intrigued to see the texture of the product once applied. So they are around £10 for four 75ml ones, but today I am just reviewing the blue shade which I believe is called 'Get your number', but correct me if I am wrong! So now onto the review...

The little pots are the perfect size for taking around with you, but personally for application just normally I found it a little fiddly. I wasn't expecting it to be as fiddly as it was, so was a little disappointed by this as it made it harder to apply. But if you wanted a nail polish to apply on the go, then I am sure this would be perfect for you to try out. So the colour I have chosen to trial is this lovely blue shade. First impressions were that it was probably my favourite shade in the pack, I really did prefer it. I like that it isn't overly glittery so it doesn't look too intense or childlike. It is a really lovely dark blue, which turns lighter once dried out! When applying, I would advise applying a base coat beforehand as it means it will be a little easier to put onto your nails and also remove from them. I didn't do this the first time round and it made it a lot harder to remove...just as any of you ladies will know if you use glitter polish! 

Once applied, it dries quite transparent so you will need another coat on top of this to ensure that your nails are properly covered. I ended up doing about three coats to cover my nails and make sure they are opaque, I don't like anything else! The finish of the nails is very weird at first, it is just as it says liquid sand. It resembles sand paper a little and dries very matte - at first I found this really weird. After a couple of coats it isn't very rough, but still not your typical nail polish with a soft finish. If you don't want it being too rough then I  would suggest you use a top coat over the top to try and make it a shiny and soft finish. Now onto the after affects and possibly the main downside of this product. The polish does not last. I would say it lasts about 2 days maximum without chipping which is a shame because OPI polishes are usually quite good, but these chip within a matter of days leaving your nails looking nasty. If you're looking for something long wear, then this product is 100% not for you as it doesn't last long at all. I would say it is a product you would apply just for a night out due to the short lasting polish and also the sparkly bit to it. 

My overall thoughts on this product are positive, but the fact it doesn't last very long does mean I most likely wouldn't repurchase this product as it isn't worth the money to keep on repurchasing something which doesn't last more than two days. I think because I will only really be wearing this for parties or something, it will last quite long anyway. Luckily, this hasn't put me off buying OPI polishes and I have a couple I want to purchase soon. The collection does have the other colours as above which are purple, pink and a lovely black and red one. They are lovely, but the blue just triumphs for me personally but I suppose that depend on your style. If you do wish to purchase these then you can find them on Amazon as they are currently available. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Aw noo not happy about the chippage that's not good... i got a pack of these i am dying to try xxx

  2. Oh wow the blue is beautiful!! but not good about chipping :(

    India xox The Jewel Beauty Blog |Beauty,Lifestyle & Fashion!

  3. I love the colours! It's such a shame when it doesn't last.

  4. I bought my friend these for her birthday because she likes Mariah Carey, but the good thing is because she is a nurse she only ever has her nails done at the weekend so the chipping won't both her too much aha.


  5. aw they're all so gorgeous!!


  6. OPI nail polishes are SO worth the money - they're always so pigmented and go on beautifully!

    - Becky x


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