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MARC B and ASOS in honour of Victoria Beckham

Hey my lovelies! So I heard about a competition to win £75 worth of Marc B vouchers and £150 of ASOS vouchers, now I jumped at this chance as I am always drooling over the Marc B bag, but sadly have yet to purchase one due to insufficient funds...I feel like a Sim saying that! So you can understand my excitement when I saw the competition, you know I would be happy with the Marc B voucher, but the ASOS one So I was browsing through the new season bags, and slightly drooling...I mean er just casually right yeah. And then I came across the love of my life, no I am not talking about Ryan Reynolds - but rather the Giselle black bag...which you can find HERE. I found it, and if I am totally honest it took me a while to compose myself and actually save the image. Unfortunately I cannot make a massively creative collage - feel sorry for me - as I have yet to get the software on it or learn how to do it on Polyvore, so my image is dire - wah, disadvantage. Anyway - back to the beautiful bag. It really reminds me of Victoria Beckham - anyone else getting this vibe or am I completely alone? As one of THE biggest Victoria Beckham fans (did you see her cover on Elle) I was immediately gawping and thinking how oh how to I have this bag in my life ...well I bring you good news, you can through ETAIL PR through this link HERE

Obviously I know this is an entry for a competition, but nevertheless I want to explain my choices and styling behind this outfit. I could sum it up in two word, previously mentioned might I add - Victoria Beckham. Once the bag was sorted, I really did focus on elegant pieces I could see her in, she is so glam. This jumpsuit would look absolutely amazing with the bag, it really does go well. I like to keep the the black look, as does she, and with monochrome being in this coming season, you really couldn't go wrong with a little bit of white added. I did want to add colour, it being the season of brights and all so added a cute little tweed style orange jacket - I am in love. I would love to wear something liket this personally, it would just make me feel so completely glamorous...and any resembling item to VB would be something I loved. So if you fancy entering this then please do click the previous link...but also, please due pay all appreciation to the bag...*2 minute pause*. You are truly beautiful. 

So with my outfit explained, I hope you enjoyed it and liked the items I picked out. If you did or didn't please feel free to comment - I would actually really love to know what you would of styled differently to this outfit, a little more PIZASS? or a little less colour with the jacket? 


  1. I think you did a great job on your entry post I love the theme kinda of being Victoria Beckham because she has killer style. I totally want the Giselle bag too! It's a reasonable price point too. Good Luck I hope you win! :)

  2. I love this post! It's so creativee :)
    The sim comment made me laugh haa I used to spend hours playing sims!
    The Gisele bag is absolutely gorgeous! I have a couple of Marc B bags but this one is way prettier than mine!

    Christina x

  3. Ahh I love your entry :) fingers crossed for you, I could totes see Mrs Beckham with that bag too! xxx

  4. Yay! I entered this too! Love the classy and chic style you went for! Good luck :)

    XOXO Sade


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