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Jewel by India Berry Lip Balm review

Hey my lovely readers! I am so close to 450 readers, this is a lot for me so thank you for continuing to read my ramblings! As some of you may know, GFC may cease to exist soon amid fears it may be being removed, so in sight of this I would appreciate it a crazy amount if you could follow me on bloglovin' HERE so you can keep on following through there. So anyway, onto the review. The lovely India from Jewel Beauty Blog sent me over a lip balm from her collection which you can find HERE. So firstly, the packaging was lovely. It came in an envelope with a cute sticker 0n...I was too excited and ripped it open before taking a picture, but I just couldn't wait! So inside was a lovely letting explain about Jewel by India R and the lip balms and the business which I really liked as it gives the business a bit of background and personality. I know India through Twitter anyway and she is always so lovely, so the message just allows people who don't know her already to see that she is sincere and, in my opinion, creates a good ethos for the business before you have started trying the products.

Inside the envelope was the actual product. The packaging is absolutely beautiful. It comes a cute pink bag which means it looks good wherever you keep it (I am keeping mine in the bag as it is so pretty) and I really liked this. I think it makes it look really lovely and glamorous. The hardware of the packaging is your classic black with some added sparkle, a lovely swarovski crystal on the top of the product. It looks adorable and it means it is not boring, a lot different to your traditional packaging. I loved this added touch and it looks really cute in with all my other make up, a real stand out bit. The packaging is just a screw top tub - I think this works well! You wouldn't be able to add the swarvoski crystal if it was a tube of some sort!

Now ladies (And gents) onto the actual product. When I opened it up, the smell just completely wowed me. If you have read previous reviews or know me in person, you will most likely know I am a sucker for smelling items. I love fruity scents a crazy amount, I just prefer them so much more. So to my delight when I opened this up to smell it and it was a delicious berry scent, I was so happy. The smell is amazing, so brilliant for the upcoming summer (hopefully) months! The product was originally quite hard due to the pure bees wax it contains, but once it had warmed up in my house it was fine. The consistency of it reminds me of both my Body Shop lip butter and my Burts Bees - mix them together and it is almost on par with Jewel by India lip balm! To get enough on my finger, I only needed to run my finger around for about 3/4 times which is really good and the same as most balms.  As I am writing this I am lathering my lips in it and they feel super soft, but as I said smell incredible. The product works well and moisturises my lips, something which I have to do. I cannot stand having dry lips, I really cannot put up with it so this may be a handbag item! 

Overall I love this product, and I am not just saying that because I like India, my opinion will always remain honest on a product as if I don't like it I wouldn't bother writing about it! I honestly would advise this lipbalm to you all and for £3 you really cannot go wrong! You can purchase this lipbalm HERE and you really should...I still cannot get over how lovely it smells, it is making me hungry! I would also like to say thank you to India who sent me it - you have done such a great job with these! 


  1. I love really nice smelling lip balms! The jewel on the lid looks soo cute! :-)


  2. This is a great post! Its got such cute packaging xx

  3. Fab review hun - I'm so glad you enjoyed your balm and hopefully I will have more up by the end of Feb!

    India xox The Jewel Beauty Blog |Beauty,Lifestyle & Fashion!


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