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Hot places to shop for even hotter prices.

Hey my lovely readers! Hope you're well and your first day of February was fabulous! Mine wasn't unfortunately, but I am hoping it will improve as the month progresses. I still cannot believe it is February already, that really is bizarre. Anyway, onto the post. I don't know about you guys, but I am always looking for places to shop nice items for a cheaper price. I love a good bargain, I mean most people who don't have an unlimited budget do - right? I think if you can get something for a cheaper price, you might as well even if it takes a while to search around for it. I thought I would share with you my top places for getting something high priced, a lot cheaper.

1. The Outnet
Okay so firstly is one of my favourite places to find designer items at such a cheap price it is unbelievable. That is The Outnet as it has high end designers such as Stella McCartney and Valentino at discounted prices - what is not to love? You can find some items have almost 75% off, some 50% - it really does vary a lot throughout the site! If you're looking for those highend items which you have lusted over, but cannot afford the high price tag they usually carry - because most of us can't - then I could not recommend this site for you anymore. I have my eye on a few bit on here aswell! Obviously, it isn't still your highstreet prices - but some designers such as Michael Kors are astonishingly close!

2. TK Maxx
Most people have indulged in TK Maxx, but what you probably don't know - or maybe you do - is that they offer high-end designers online as part of their 'Gold Label' bit. In shop they do have some items for a discounted price, such as in my local TKMaxx they had a Proenza bag for £450 - an absolute steal for that kind of bag. However, their discounts online are also brilliant with designers such as Calvin Klein and Pucci at extreme discounts, if you fancy checking it out then click here

3. eBay
Well you have most likely heard of eBay, if must be living under a shell! eBay is great for finding designer items for lower prices, they are usually second hand though. You can find almost every single designer on here without fail; Chanel to Dior. It is great for these, however you have to be careful. You will notice some of the products don't look real - because they aren't. A lot of people put fakes up claiming to be real. A simple way to address this is through asking to see the box or receipt to ensure it is real! It is definitely worth a try though to grab yourself some bargains! Click here.

4. Secret Sales
Well this is a site I came across recently, in the past year or so. Basically, you sign up and you are sent emails when sales are on. You have sales from Vintage Chanel to Ralph Lauren at cheaper places. This isn't as cheap as the others if I am honest, but you still get a discount. The items do sell out at a record time, they really do so get there quick as there is nothing secret about these sales! If you want to sign up then click here.

So I hope all of you girl who love a high end item for a low price have found some more ideas on where to shop, these websites are a must! I am going to do a high street one as well so if you are into that kind of thing, then keep up to date with my blog! Also please have a look at my blog sale by clicking here! Would be so grateful if you took a look. 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. I love shopping at all these places too, except for the last one, that I haven't tried yet, so I definitely need to do that right now :) Thanks for the tip!

    1. Ah yes definitely do! They are all so discounted, hope you like it! x

  2. Love all of these, you should check out BrandAlley too xx

  3. I have been hearing really good things about the Outnet but haven't gotten around to browsing there yet. Perhaps I will have a good look after payday in case I see anything I like.

  4. You can't beat TK Maxx! I love raiding their beauty shelves! x

  5. I love TJMAXX, they are so amazing!

  6. Great post. These are some of my fav' places to shop - absolutely loving eBay.
    Did you know that if you sync eBay and some other sites up with Treat Street on your computer, then you can also collect Boots Clubcard points as well? More points = more glorious beauty products of course!

    I might have to give the Outnet a go tho!

    LiLi Xx

  7. i love this post x

    cath kidston giveaway:

  8. I had no idea TK MAXX had that online 'Gold Label' section!! I need to investigate whether the American equivalent (TJ MAXX) has one as well. Thank you for posting this! :)


  9. This is a great resource for the less financially well endowed fashionistas among us! I love a lot of these (TJ Maxx is probably my favorite store) and will definitely be trying some others soon! Great post. :)

    xx, Elizabeth


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