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Dreaming Of Designer

Dreaming Of Designer

Hey lovelies. If you're anything like me - designer obsessed, label fussed and quite frankly shallow when it comes to outfits - then you will do what I do at least 4 times a week, trawl through Net - A - Porter adding countless bits to your basket with no remorse until you realise you have £90,000 worth of lovely bits in there, but no way to make the payment. It happens to me all the time, sob. Unfortunately I was given the expensive taste, small budget gene which comes largely through my excessive spending on other things. It is very painful, believe you me!  I thought I would give you insight of my painful experiences, I would share with you a few things I have been lusting over ... well this is a small fraction as if you read my 100 facts tag (it is here if you want to) you will know I have a rather large basket awaiting payment on Net - A - Porter. This is a combination of things I need want in my life. 

Having expensive taste really is hard. Although I do love Topshop, Primark and any other high street store, I can never quite curb my addiction to going into a department store and staring at Mulberry or something equally expensive. On the plus side, having expensive taste does often give you a little bit of motivation i,e. "If I work hard for a few years, maybe I will be able to buy myself the Chanel 2.55 which I adore", which does come in handy at times! On that note, enjoy lusting over these items (if you like them of course) and I will try and figure out a way to start saving.

Let me know what you've been lusting over in the past few weeks, I would love to see any ideas! 


  1. I love the spiked Loubotins, so nice!

    Gillian from Glam Up Everyday x

  2. I love all of the bags - you and your expensive taste haha you need a killer job to keep up! x

  3. Oh i feel your pain, i also got the expensive taste small budget gene! Those bags are to die for :)
    Anna x

  4. Love all of your picks! I also need to save money!What should we do? change jobs?:)



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