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CHANEL Rouge Coco Hydrating Crème Lipstick in Paradis

Hey my lovelies! I thought today I would share with you a lip product I have been loving, it really is one of my favourites I have ever tried! It Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme lipstick in Paradis...well that was a bit of a mouthful! But that is the product. I was lucky enough to win this product from Cherries in the Snow which was lovely as I am a sucker for Chanel! I love the lipsticks, I own another in a dark nude colour which I also love, but not as much as this one! 

Chanel for me is one of those luxuries I really do enjoy. At the moment I cannot afford a Chanel bag or a classic Chanel tweed short suit, but I can - just - afford the make up on occasions, but to win it was amazing. Okay, so firstly the really cannot fault it! I think the black, white and gold looks really elegant and sleek in your make up bag. I love the packaging on all Chanel items, I never think it looks tacky which some items do but this never fails to impress. 

Then onto the colour and actual product. I loved this colour and immediately knew this was the colour I wanted, it is a really nice pink colour which isn't too bright or anything so perfect for daytime wear as well as night! I loved that I could count on this to brighten up my natural lip colour and enhance it! The actual product works well, the pigmentation is brilliant and it lasts long as well which is always fabulous and worthwhile. The price is expensive for a lipstick, but it is Chanel. I haven't got any swatches of this product as the lighting was not doing it justice, but below in the make up tutorial I did I have used it so you can see what it is like there! If you want to purchase this product then click here and it is £24 at Boots and any Chanel counter!


  1. Such a beautiful lipstick! I really love the colour and I'm such a sucker for Chanel just feels so luxurious!

  2. I love Chanel lipsticks - This colour is so gorgeous!
    Congrats on winning it.. I'm only slightly jealous :p

    Christina x

  3. Whipping out a Chanel lipstick to reapply onto your lips is just the classiest thing I can ever imagine doing. Congrats on winning it!!! This color is gorg!

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  4. Chanel lipstick is expensive but I find it so much better than a lot of others. It really stays on well and doesn't smudge at all. xxx

  5. So glad you liked it! It's a perfect spring shade! x

  6. This lipstick looks gorgeous I might treat myself with one soon. xo

  7. Hey ladies! Did you hear about this competition?? There are lot of CHANEL lipsticks up for grabs :) wish me GOOD LUCK!! Love love Ruth

    1. Eh Eh! the corret link is this one

  8. Ohhh, this one looks super lovely! I really want to try out some Chanel lipsticks. I don't have any yet. :D

  9. Chanel lipsticks are second to none I swear. I always feel like I don't want to use them though hahaha! x

  10. this colour looks stunning!

  11. This looks lovely. After exams I usually make a high end lipstick purchase. Last year it was YSL but I'm being convinced more and more that I should go for some Chanel this time around. :)


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