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ABC to Spring Essentials: A for Arty

ABC to Sping

Hey lovely readers! So I thought on top of doing my Spring Trends post, I would do some essential posts. If you're feeling time go incredibly fast just as I am then you will see Spring is fast approaching - 2 months away, crazy! I personally cannot wait for the weather to perk up and the sun to start shining again, makes getting up a lot more easy. So first off with this saga which I hope to keep up, is obviously A - Arty. Autumn and Winter are dominated by dark colours, so in Spring experimenting with lots is something which everyone seems to do! I am by no means saying in Spring you must wear bright colours and in colder months you must be wearing dark colours - you should wear whatever mades you feel good! 

Arty is a great trend in both fashion and beauty - it is a trend dominated by you. You choose this trend, because you choose how you want to be arty. Whether you are wearing something funky or wearing something with artistic detailing, it really does look fabulous. I like this trend, it isn't my favourite but love seeing it on other people - you really can go anywhere with it! 

With the artistic trend being prominent, looking for make up items which could help you experiment with exciting eye looks or lips is a lot easier. I would suggest for eyes, looking at items by Urban Decay HERE as they offer a huge range of different colour eyeshadows - they really are outstanding. Then for lips, you really couldn't fault MAC lipsticks. They must have every single colour possible in their day I hope to own them all. The thing I love about this trend is that you can do pretty much anything with it, the world is your oyster with this trend! 


  1. I love any fashion statement that puts the power in the statement-maker's hands. Arty outfits are my favorites.

    Kate from Clear the Way

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