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XEN Moroccan Tan review

Hey my lovelies, so today I have a review for you all. Sorry I have been a bit absent, with exams and everything I have barely had time to blog unfortunately. But hopefully it will be more frequent now. I am reviewing the XEN Moroccan tan for all of you. Whenever I think about XEN, I immediately think of Em Sheldon from Em Talks as she is always raving about how good these products are, so when I won this I could not wait to try it and see if it lived up to the hype. Let's say I wasn't disappointed. 

Firstly, every single fake tan I have used, every spray tan I have had all smell horrible. I cannot stand the smell of fake tan, it really isn't nice. What is worse, is that everyone can tell if you have used it because of the smell. So the fact this product doesn't smell like fake tan is a huge plus for me. The product smells normal, like any moisturiser which means you don't have to carry around a horrible smell with you. 

When I first squeezed it out I was a little worried as I have never used a tan which is this dark before, so it did scare me I would come out too dark. However once rubbed in, it goes a normal colour which was very reassuring. The colour blends really easily.

The texture of it is also something I would put as a plus as it rubs in so easily, doesn't create any problems. The texture is smooth, the smell is great and it works. Below is the finished product. I applied in my bathroom and unveiled in my bathroom as I have white everywhere in my rooms...fake tan doesn't go well as some of you may know. XEN tan also comes out really natural which I love. There is no orange tint to it at all which means it is perfect for everyone who wants a summer glow without the unnecessary orange tan - it truly is an all round great product. 

It retails for £25 which is really reasonable as you only need the smallest amount to cover a large area of your body. I found that a little went a really long way meaning that it would last you a long time! 

I would definitely recommend this product to any of you, without a doubt. One of the best fake tans I have used. It is a contender with my St Tropez one and Sienna X...I was thinking of doing Sienna X VS XEN...Would anyone be interested in that?

Also my layout has change a little bit, that is down to the lovely Becky. Her link is at the side with the designed by Becky if you want to check it out! 


  1. Wow this looks fab, would love to try this! xo

  2. It does give you a nice brown glow finish! I will recommend to my friends who use tanning lotion. :)



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