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Spring Trends: Stripes

Spring Trends: Stripes

Stripes is another trend which will be huge this season. I love stripes. I think they are super elegant and look great on everyone. Stripes were featured on Moschino, Dolce and Gabbana and Fendi which if nothing proves that these elite designers have well and truly set this trend off. 

If you're wondering why I don't have the items listed it is because I understand that not everyone can out and drop £2000 on a handbag, myself included. It is just a general idea of the trend, which is why I am presenting you with the Spring Trends saga so you can try out any trend you wish this season! 

The stripes trend is a personal favourite - I do enjoy a striped outfit. Even if it is a baggy striped top with skinny jeans, I still love the neutral look! You can find a striped top absolutely anywhere which means this is definitely a universal trend, and also a cheap one. If you were to be really ahead of the game, maybe you would feature a pastel striped item - super chic.

Are you a stripes kind of girl, or more the plainer prints?


  1. I like the stripes trend lately. That blazer is really cool I would definitely rock that. I don't have any stripes yet, but I would probably add those shorts if I could. And of course the purse :)


  2. i'll take stripes over a plain look any day!


  3. I love stripes ! They make me feel like a little sailor!
    Thanks for sending your link I'm now following :)
    Http:// xxxx

  4. I love stripes so much! I don't know what it is about them?? I love those shorts though! xxx


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