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Spring Trends: Pastels

Spring Trends: Pastels

Spring is one of my favourite seasons, partly because it is my birthday and partly because of the fashion. Fashion comes alive in Spring. It isn't all layers like it is in Winter, and you don't get the copious amounts of flesh like you sometimes see in have the perfect mix. For my Spring Trends instalments I will be going through the trends I love this Spring and giving suggestions on how to wear the look.

Pastels is usually a huge trend and this year it looks set to be bigger than ever. With designers such as Valentino putting out the pastels - the bloggers, magazines and many others will follow. The beautiful bag and shoes on the 'Smart chic' look are both Valentino and they're fabulous. In all of these looks I have gone for toned pastels, but you can experiment with so many. From aqua to lilac, or coral orange to apple sour - the trend really is your oyster this season. A personal favourite of mine has to be the mint colour - I love it. I think it is such a great colour and it will work with so many skin tones. Unfortunately I cannot rock the yellow pastels due to having a yellow undertone to my skin, it really washes me out. If you're similar to me, then stay clear of yellow clothing! 

You can wear pastels casual or smart - it really is something you can do anything with. Now I am not saying go crazy and dye your hair pastel pink for this season, but definitely experiment. If you're not willing to experiment fully with clothing, why not try some pastel nail varnish or eye lids. Essie do brilliant pastel shades throughout the year, so check those out if you're just testing the waters with this trend! Or for make up, MAC have an amazing array of eyeshadows to try this trend out - go for a pastel green to  try on your eyes! 

I personally love this trend, but others may not. It isn't for everyone, but then when has fashion pleased anyone. It really is about what you love. I will be doing more posts on the Spring Trends so hopefully you will find a trend you can rock that you love! 

What do you think about pastels? 


  1. Ahh I love pastels. They're pleasing to the eye. To be honest I'm more of a dark and bold colored fashion person. Almost everything in my closet is dark-colored (considering I'm not skinny they compliment my body better I guess, :D). Anyway, you should check out the Reebok x Sportsgirl collaboration. They have some sickly cute pastel colored sneaks/ sports shoes collection

    The Dilly Chic

  2. I LOVEEEEEE outfit #1, SmartChic. The bag and Valentino flats are amazing! If only I could have those one day!

    Great Post!

    xo KCN

  3. Smart Chic and Smart Casual are the winners for me! The pink flats are beautiful.

  4. I love pastels!

    Love the lilac satchel and the cream bag!

    Can't wait to rock the pastel trend on my nails! :)

    Naomi xxx

  5. Great! Love all the outfit.=D

  6. Wow! That was really lovely.=D


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