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My Top Five Weekly Loves.

Hey Lovelies! So another top 5 products I have loved this week. You will see one product appearing a few times as I am literally so smitten with it! I love using it and everything. So without further ado, the products: 

Marc Jacobs Dot 50ml: I was lucky enough to win this perfume in a competition - I know I won another MJ perfume haha - and I love the smell so much. It is so fresh and really sweet smelling. I have been chopping and changing my perfumes a lot recently, I don't know why! But I love this a lot, it smells absolutely amazing I would definitely recommend it to you guys! You could probably find it in most perfume stores.

Maybelline The Falsies: If you watch Tanya Burr just as I do, then you will definitely know about this mascara. I bought it after she recommended it and I love it! It gives such good definition on the eyelashes and I love it. Also the price is like £8.99 or something which is so cheap! 

MAC Studio Finish concealer: If you follow me on twitter or read my last last post on skincare you will know I have been suffering with mild acne. I know putting make up on spots is bad, but I couldn't go out bare faced! This is the perfect concealer for bad skin as it covers them up so well, I would repurchase this over and over again. I LOVE IT.

Body Shop Lip Butter: With all the snow and what not, I have needed something with thoroughly moisturises my lips and leaves them soft. Vaseline is a fail proof product for me, but I do prefer this slightly more to that as it smells amazing & works amazing! 

Pai pore reducing/t-zone control moisturiser: I absolutely love this product, it is amazing! I have been using it ever since I got sent it and I am smitten! It is great for under make up...I am going to do a full review as I love it! 

Any favourites this week?

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  1. Hi just found you on the bbloggers chat, I love Dot my fave perfume at the moment x

  2. Ooo the moisturiser sounds awesome ! Look forward to the review

  3. The Pai product is really appealing to me because it's pore reducing. Looking forward to the review!
    Fashion Ganache.

  4. I have Marc Jacoba Lola, I love all his perfume designs I'll have to give Dot a try when I run out! What a lovely blog you have, just started following you :) xx


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