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Get To Know Me: 100 facts tag!

Hey my lovelies! I have seen this on a couple of blogs including Jess from Copper Garden and  Georgina from Live Laugh Lipstick and thought I would do this on my blog as a random bit of fun. Also I hit 400 followers last night, thank you so much! It means the world to me because I really didn't think anyone would want to read my blog at first, it was something which has made me so happy to do and the fact 400 people read it, is amazing. So hopefully from here, it will go onwards and upwards! So onto the 100 facts about me!

I am insane

1. My favourite font is Georgia if you haven't already guessed
2. I have a Net-a-Porter basket worth £80,000 but no way of paying it
3. I definitely wouldn't class myself as sane
4. I didn't know what MAC was until last year (bad beauty blogger)
5. Make up was never an interest until recently, now I am obsessed 
6. I used to write stories all the time and believed I would be published
7. English is my favourite subject by a mile, you can explore it in so many ways
8. I tidy my room out about once every two weeks for no reason
9. Clutter is my most hated thing, I cannot stand it
10. Sometimes I don't realise how lucky I am and take things for granted

11. I absolutely love dressing up - in a childish way! 
12. I buy Elle & Vogue every month, it inspires me to work hard - play harder
13. I get along with all my brothers really well, but never used to
14. I usually have super strong opinions on everything 
15. I want to plan a huge charity fundraiser in my school for many charities
16. I am usually quite shy around people I don't really know 
17. The blogging community are the best community I know
18. I cannot apply false lashes properly 
19. When I was younger, I was always called Belle from Beauty and the Beast
20. I come across confident, but I don't have much confidence about myself

21. I went skiing for the first time last year and loved it, I want to be a Chalet girl for a month! 
22. Rosie and Anna made my skiing holiday, they are two of the funniest people I know
23. Last year I had to go on holiday with someone I had broken up with ... awkward.
24. I am a shopaholic, I shop all the time.
25. Sometimes I can act spoilt when in heat of the moment
26. I am agnostic - not completely closed off to the idea of something being there
27. When I am sad, I watch sad movies to feel sorry for myself I am a loser
28. 'Sex and the City' and 'Gossip Girl' are my ideal lives
29. Blair and Samantha are my favourite characters
30. I want to visit and live in NYC

Vickies mum in the middle! 

31. I am absolutely obsessed with my friend Vickie's mum, she is so cool.
32. I own over 60 pairs of shoes, but still insist I have none
33. In year 7 I bunked a lesson, but was scared so sat in the toilets the whole time
34. I am really lazy with school work, I never reach my potential 
35. The thought of showing my blog to people really scared me at first
36. I am the biggest lightweight you will ever meet 
37. I got a C in German by guessing
38. I have the worst memory in the world
39. I find myself feeling guilty a lot of the time
40. Audrey Hepburn is one of my style icons

41. I went to Reading last year and had THE best time
42. I got my ticket for free and it was VIP
43. I still don't know how to put up a tent, someone did mine
44. Camping is my worst nightmare, I hate the outdoors
45. McDonalds is my biggest weakness
46. I had never tried an egg until last year
47. I used to be extremely fussy - plain pasta every night
48. Tomato Sauce is something I never will try and I hate it near me
49. The Blonde Salad is my favourite blog ever
50. I want a Prada Bag

51. Awkward things like this happen all the time - same dress, how?
52. I create awkward situations without knowing all the time 
53. The taste of alcohol is something I hate, it has to be diluted 
54. I fancy Ryan Gosling a ridiculous amount 
55. I am so excited for 50 Shades to come out on movie
56. ... but I am also scared it will ruin the book
57. I am not a feminist in the slightest 
58. I wish I could be more adventurous in what I wear
59. I think I am a really boring person 
60. I am running out of things to say haha

61. I tan ridiculously easy
62.I was once a Islamic Bridesmaid and everyone thought I was from Pakistan
63. I rarely use sun cream, I don't like it.
64. I always use oil to tan
65. I have ridiculously small boobs
66. But I don't mind that anymore, I am who I am! 
67. I always saying "like" 
68. I wish my life was like in Gossip Girl
69. I have a wishlist as long as my arm
70. I have been really lucky in what I have got in life

71. Pool parties are my favourite, I love swimming! 
72. I used to like my figure
73. I eat more than I should, it is so bad...chocolate
74. Mango is my all time favourite food
74. ... and scent! 
75. Chanel represents class and elegance to me
76. I used to be obsessed with Jack Wills
77. I can be really materialistic at times, I always want branded
78. I have changed a lot in the past year
79. I don't drink hot drinks
80. I want a Starbucks in my room

81. I don't take myself too seriously 99% of the time 
82. I did a school patrol dressed as the alien above from Toy Story
83. I love kids movies
84. The movies and food are favourite things about Christmas
85. I don't have any seasoning on my food
86. I eat breakfast every single day without fail
87. I don't like the thought of milk
88. I scrap the topping off my pizza all the time 
89. I went through an obsession with chips
90. I am obsessed with Mulberry

91. I take ugly photos of myself all the time
92. I have an entire book dedicated to lists, I work from to-do lists
93. I am always on some kind of medication
94. My skin is horrible and it really upsets me 
95. I once died my hair blue 
96. I once cut a fringe myself and got called Lily Allen for weeks
97. Blogging is something which makes me truly happy!
98. 99% of my wardrobe is black
99. I love my family more than anything, even if we argue. They are my world. I pretty much have two dads!
100. I argue with my mum a lot, but she means absolutely everything to me and I couldn't thank her enough for everything she has done. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and learnt a bit more about me. Please link any you have done in the  box below! 


  1. Great little post, love your facts :) xx

  2. Great post, I find these kind of posts so interesting, it's great to get to know the girl behind the blog! xo

    1. Completely agree, makes you feel like you almost know them! xo

  3. Great to read all these facts! I'm a Gossip Girl fanatic too! Blair & Chuck were my absolute favorites!


    1. I know right, GG is my all time favourite. Love them! xx

  4. I've been watching a lot of these tags on youtube lately and I am tempted to do one too! I liked reading these facts! x

    1. Yes do, link me when you do it! Love watching/reading them! xx

  5. Great post, amazing how much you can build a picture of someone buy reading this! I'm completely with your love for fancy dress, it's the best thing ever!! I'll be back to read again soon! :-)

    Robyn x

    1. Thank you! I know right, dressing up is so fun. I always look like a 5 year old haha xx

  6. Aw that last fact is so cute! And I can't apply false lashes either, infact I've given up trying!


    1. Thanks, really do love her! Haha, i usually get someone to do them for me or I look terrible! xx

  7. Great styling! Very interesting.

  8. Loved this post, Especially the Net a porter basket, I have one filled too and only dream of being able to pay it. Also you should keep at your stories you never know one day you will get published x

    1. Haha it is awful, I wish I could buy all of it!! Ah I delete them already, maybe I should do it in my spare time! xx

  9. Haha I've followed you simply because we're so similar. I have a Net-A-Porter basket too but never look at the total price as I've been adding to it for months but will never be able to pay for it! English is also my favourite subject - I studied it at uni briefly before dropping out because I didn't want to be so far away from my home town haha!
    Gossip Girl & SATC are my perfect lifestyle too! Especially Carrie Bradshaw's. Have you seen the Carrie Diaries yet? So good!
    Audrey Hepburn is one of my favourite icons too! She's so glamorous and I have so many books about her and her style!
    The lists thing, being obsessed with Mulberry and having no confidence but appearing like you do are also the same as me! So strange haha

    Christina from Passion Obsession x

    1. Haha oh my god, we are twins! You like so much of same things I like ah, checking out your blog now! xx

  10. Love these pics! You look like you're having such a great time <3


  11. LOL! This is such a cool post I'm going to do one also

  12. AW I loved your post!! I liked your use of pictures!! Stunner! I also did a similar post if you would like to browse!

    Much love,

  13. I'm also your newest subscriber ;) xox


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