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2013 Beauty Wishlist

2013 Beauty Wishlist

Hey guys,

My post today isn't a very personal one where I have taken pictures because I am feeling very worse for wear and showing signs of the norovirus, let's hope I haven't got it! Anyway onto the post. In 2012 I certainly began to care a lot more about my skin care and make up. Believe it or not, I had never bought a MAC product until this year *gasp* but since them I have been so reliant on it for many reasons. Don't get me wrong, I will always love high street brands but it is always nice to treat yourself to something high end now and then. The items on here are my most lusted after items of 2013! Some of them I have wanted for a while the Chanel lipstick, Bobbi Brown eyeliner and They're Real mascara. However others I have only just started lusting after, such as the NARS Sheer glow are reading many brilliant recommendations.  

Understandably these products are expensive hence why they're on a wishlist! I think I will most likely buy one at a time and see how it goes! 

Have you got anything you're lusting over this year? 


  1. i would love they're real, but the bobbi brown compact and the lippie look gorgeous too!
    hope you're well and happy new year,
    laura xx

  2. Love your wish list. I want to try They're Real mascara too!

  3. I want everything on there! Especially the nars products :D


  4. i want the 'They're Real' mascara as I've heard so many good things about it.
    I also want to buy my first ever NARS product this month but I have no idea which one aha

  5. the norovirus is terrible! had it a couple weeks ago and could barely move and i'd hate you to have it, kass! get better soon ma lovely, love this post :-) xo

  6. Great wish list I would love to try the nars foundation too.

  7. Amazing wishlist I love everything on it, I want to try the MAC msf too, Once you're hooked on MAC you never look back lol xx

  8. Nars sheer glow is on my wish list too! Can't recommend Mac products or They're Real enough, Mac are a great brand and they're real is one of my stand out products x


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