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November Favourites

So my November favourites is a little late but better late than never as they say. I had a few favourite products last month, some of which are old products I used to have and new ones I have come across. I think in the winter months, there are so many products I end up neglecting but also discovering. I am ashamed to say in the colder months, my moisturising routine becomes a little reluctant and I do neglect my skin a little. If I am going out I like to put a little fake tan on to brighten up my skin though! Okay, so here are my favourites: 

Okay, so firstly is this Andrew Barton SOS Help Me conditioner. I only use it about once or twice a week as it is intensive, but it really does do wonders. I have to look after my hair if I want it to be soft, it often dries out and feels really rather rough. This stuff literally does wonders for my hair, but if anyone has any great recommendations for hair masks do let me know. 

This Garnier product is ah-mazing. I only started properly using it this month and I will continue to do so. I have had awful skin recently and this has helped a little bit. It completely cleans my skin and makes it feel so much fresher. I will be doing a full review soon. 

Katy Perry eyelashes are surprisingly good. I was a little sceptical and when I first wore them I didn't like them, but once I cut them down a little bit I loved them. They give a full lash and make my eyes look framed and so much bigger! As I recall, they are very reasonably priced as well.

No7 cleanse and care eye make up remover is really good and takes my eye make up off really easily. I just glide it across and it comes off with such ease and completely removes all traces of make-up. I love this product. This is one of the older products I recently came back this month. 

This scent is great. I always put on a body spray before my perfume to ensure that I have a scent all over because you can't really spray perfume all over. This is so fruity and so easy to just chuck in my bag for wherever I go! It is available in most stores.

Okay so onto my November make up favourites. I have the models own sparkly nail polish - it is so cute. I love putting it on top of any nail polish and it looks great! It was £5 and I have used it so many times. The only thing I hate is trying to get it off. Then onto the lipsticks. I have my favourite MAC Japanese Maple lipstick which is just a nude. It is so moisturising too  and is so easily wearable. The other is a Rimmel lipstick in plum (not entirely sure of the name) and I love this. It is quite vampy, but so beautiful. Such a perfect winter lipstick. Then finally, my beloved MAC studio fix concealer. I literally couldn't live without this product. Taking into consideration my bad skin, this has been the best thing ever. 

Okay so skin products. St Tropez gradual tan and baby oil. I love this tan. It moisturises but also gives you a natural looking tan. I will definitely be purchasing this in full size as I have used it all up. It is brilliant and a definite must have. Baby oil is just one of those products you have. Whenever I have bare legs for a party, I like to have baby oil on them to make them look moisturised! 

What were your November favourites?


  1. i really want to try the katy perry lashes, they look so nice!
    Beauty by T

  2. Aww you have some lovely favourites :) Will definitely look into buying some of the products.

    Louise x


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