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New Years: which make up will you be wearing?

So New Years is fast approaching and it is one of the days in which you can completely dress up; hair, make up, outfit and everything else! You really can spend hours getting ready. I often find that when it comes around I struggle to decide what to wear, how to style it, my make up and hair. It does get into one big fuss. I though in hindsight of my many years stressing I would just give you, my readers, a couple of ideas in what you can do for make up, hair and clothing. 

My first part of this is one make up idea. I went for your classic smokey eyes and added a bright lip to it. You really can add any colour lip because I used greys, whites, blacks so they are all neutral and go with any colour! Although, I do favour a black, white and red look! I am going to just talk you through what I did and if you need any more explanation please just comment below! I haven't actually done a video for this make up look and have just used pictures, but if you did want a video then please do let me know.

Okay. So this is the make up I used to complete this look: 
Rimmel Wake me up foundation; 17 MATTE Foundation; Natural Collection cover stick; MAC Studio Finish concealer; No7 liquid shadow; FC Smokey eye palette; 17 smokey eye palette; 2 True eyeliner in green; Miss Sporty liquid eyeliner; 17 brown mascara and finally Katy Perry lashes which aren't in the picture. 

Step 1: Okay, so firstly I did my foundation and concealer. I just blend my Rimmel Wake me up with the 17 Matte to create the perfect colour for me. I then apply it with a unbranded foundation brush and blend it in with circular motions. For concealer, I use my Natural Collection cover stick to go over my blemishes followed by my MAC studio fix concealer which covers up areas that need it most. 

Step 2: I personally believe that filling in eyebrows is really important, especially this season with thick eyebrows being so prominent. I filled in my eye brows with my No7 eyebrow pencil in brown and used a brown eye-shadow by 17 to fill in the rest making it more natural that just using a pen. 

Step 3: I then completed the rest of my face by using Natural Collection bronzer over my cheeks, temples and down my nose. I didn't want to use a lot as I knew the rest of my face(eyes, lips) was going to be heavy so I used minimal bronzer. I then dabbed a little MUA blusher on my cheeks to give me a little bit of peachy tones.

Step 4: For the first part of my smokey eye I used a silver and grey to colour my eye lids. I used the silver on the inner lid and progressed out to a grey by my crease line. I wanted a variety of colours used on my eyes.

Step 5: I used a small brush and did a small line across the lid with my 17 palette with the matte black as eye-liner would of been too harsh. The line went completely across. I then used my 2 true in green underneath my eye to add a bit of colour to my eyes. I then smudged in a sparkly black to create this look...

Step 6: After completing my eye shadow I added some false lashes to ensure my eyes stood out. I used my beloved Katy Perry ones (I have adjusted them by cutting) to create this look. I think false lashes are really great for nights out.

 The Finished Look...

Step 7: With your eyes and face done, all you need now is your lip. I chose a red lip to stand out and compliment the eyes. I used a Matte red lip from Avon to do this. You have probably noticed my hair is back. If I was to wear this look I would definitely wear my hair up, the reason being if I had big hair too it would be too over powering. 

So that is a finished look for a New Years celebrations - what do you think?

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  1. Love your makeup look hun that lipstick looks great on you!.

  2. I love this look. I'm not a very big fan of NYE (it's always a bit overrated for me) but if I do go out I'll try this look.

  3. super eye makeup !


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