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Leather Love

Leather Love

Leather Love by kassiebarkerjones featuring cat flats

Okay so I don't know about you guys but I am obsessed with leather this season. I have been on the hunt for some leather trousers for nearly a month - it is crazy. I think leather is a great thing for you wardrobe as you can dress it up or down and it always looks great. Whether it will be as big as it is now in a few months is unknown, but I will continue rocking it. I also have developed a love for hats. All I seem to want to buy is hats - so bizarre. 

I do love these outfits though, and I need to find a skirt like this! My 8 year old brother helped me put together this outfit and he actually chose the Charlotte Olympia cat flats - although I suspect this was for the cats - which is promising. 

What do you think of leather?

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  1. Love all of them! shoes and jumper my Favourite though.

  2. Fantastic outfits! Love the slippers x

    Lubna |


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