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Garnier Gentle Clarifying Foam review and Classic Style Giveaway

I recently put this in my November favourites and said I would review it. This product is amazing. I have been having a really bad spout of skin recently and this has helped so much. Most products don't do a great deal. I have tried countless face washes etc but none ever seem to do the trick and clear my skin. I never really had too bad skin up until recently, now I seem to break out about once every two weeks which is a pain. But this product has definitely reduced that! 

The formula is a foam, just as it says on the packaging, and it is so easy to use. I usually use it when I am in the shower. I just need a small pea sized amount to cover my face. A little really does go far with this product hence the small tube! Not only is the formula great and goes a long way, but it smells really nice too. It has an almost citrus smell to it and I absolutely love that. It smells really fresh which makes me like it even more! So on the lines of freshness, the product does make my skin feel fresh. After use, my skin tightens a lot too and it is almost squeaky which, even if it is odd feeling, makes me feel like my skin is thoroughly cleaned. 

This product is a reasonable price as well. It retails at an affordable £5.99 for 100ml tube. It goes really far and you can get a lot of use out of it so it is definitely worth that small sum of money! If you wish to purchase this, the link is here.

Have you tried this product?

Also if you have a spare moment please go and enter Hayley's brilliant giveaway! She has some fabulous prizes over at Classic Style and you might win! Her link is here! Go go go. You can win some absolutely amazing prizes! You wouldn't believe. She is also a lovely girl...with a mild obsession with Mulberry, but who can blame her! Mulberry rocks. 

Also enter my giveaway too. Us bloggers love to treat you guys!


  1. Great review! I seem to have the same problem with my skin I only seem to break out every few weeks and it's annoying I can't wait to try this out! Now following your lovely blog xo

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