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Hey fellow bloggers,

If you're anything like me you're always looking for new brands to check out, whether they've been around for years or just started up. Being a blogger, I have found out about many new and exciting brands and this one is no different. I found Daxon from another bloggers post and immediately researched into it - I was not disappointed.

I am shopping obsessed, there is no doubt about it. Everyone is always telling me how obsessed I am, but not only this I am jacket obsessed. I looked at the jackets and I have decided I need more. I love tweed and found this beautiful tweed style jacket - to die for.

I think it is definitely worth checking out - you might find something worth it! If you want the link to this jacket it is here.

I have exciting news for you. Daxon are offereing £50 for you bloggers for putting their logo on you blog. The Daxon network is a new network for up and coming bloggers who want to know more about other blogs. Check them out through here to find out out more!

You reallt cannot pass up this opportunity! 

Kassie x

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