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Christmas time: Haul and Presents.

So Christmas is over for another year, all that hype and it is over within hours! I hope you all had a lovely day and a nice break from school/work/uni to relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones!

This year it seemed a lot of people were spoilt - I felt like I was too! My main gifts aren't in this post as I got them early (a Ralph Lauren blazer and more clothes which have been featured in OOTD). I am sure many of you were spoilt from partners, parents and friends! I hope you all had a lovely day and got everything you wanted. With that said, my post is about things I got and things I have bought from the sales or Christmas eve! I think many sales have been great this year, but most of the bits I wanted weren't sale items. If only MAC did sales! 

I would like to disclaim that this post is not in anyway bragging about what I got. I realise how lucky I am to receive these gifts and thank my parents a lot for working hard to provide me with these gifts. Also, everything I have bought myself has been from gift money or my wages, I do not just get money from my parents on demand! With that said, I will show you what I got. 

I got this lovely Body Shop set from my grandparents which smells absolutely amazing. I love mango or anything really fruity so this gift was so nice. I also got other gifts sets including Phil Smith, Gok Wang, Mandara Spa and FCUK

I finally got some Real Techniques brushes. I love them and I have now decided to treat myself to some more next Payday! They are so great and I have noticed a lot of difference in my eye make-up since using them!

Okay, so I got the classic sweets, chocolates etc. I did have more...but I ate them. I can't wait to dig into the cocktail classic Jelly Beans! How exciting. 

I got the Jimmy Choo moisturiser which smells amazing, the Vaseline and the soap as little presents from 'Santa' which are just so useful. I then went and bought myself these Simple toner and cleanser yesterday after watching Tanya Burr's video. I never did the whole tone, cleanse thing before but it will be a new years promise to keep it up! 

And onto the shoes. I am obsessed with shoes, I was thinking of doing a post on my shoe obsession because it really is bad! I buy shoes all the time. Firstly are my Select boots which I got yesterday. They are just so comfy and I thought they would be great for everyday wear. Secondly my suede London Rebel shoes which I got in my stocking. They are so cute and go with so many things! Lastly, my suede wedge booties from New Look which I have wanted for a while. They are so cosy, I love them.  

Scents...I wanted a Chanel perfume and my parents pretending I wasn't getting one, so you can imagine my delight when I opened this and there it was! It completely made my day. I love the smell of it! I also got this Ghost one which again smells really nice, so fresh. Finally another mango smelling product from Body Shop which smells so good! wouldn't be Christmas without socks.

I got these two bags in the sales. The first is from Marks and Spencer and I loved the colours, they are so neutral and will go with everything! The studded bag from George is just going be for going out or days when I don't want to carry everything around!

Make up. I didn't really get any make up for presents as my mum finds me too hard to buy for, so I usually just get my own. I got the No7 BB foundation, which I will review, and I absolutely love it. Then the 17 smokey eye was a gift from my nanny! The MAC products were something I have wanted for ages. I wanted the bronzing powder for a while which I finally got and I wanted Russian Red, they didn't have it but they had a really similar one in the Viva Glam range which I chose! Then two lip butters, Burts Bees is my new favourite product! I love it. Then two Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks in a red and pink! 

I got this faux fur headband from my grandparents which I love. I wanted one like this for ages so was so happy, now I just need a scarf to go with it! 

Topshop dress was something I grabbed in the sale. It is a really nice colour and I might wear it for New Years Eve! Not too sure yet!

My mum knew I had wanted some leather gloves for a long time and got me these, they're so comfy!

My onesie from Next and slipper! They are so comfy and I could live in them! I would highly advise any of you who haven't got a comfy onesie, to get one! 

Lace Top was from Republic!

I would like to say a huge thank you to my parents, family and 'santa' for my lovely gifts! 

What did you get?


  1. You got some great stuff, love the last set of boots xxx

  2. Chocolate Santa from Thorntons = awesome!
    I bought myself a full chocolate tree from there this year, I couldn't resist!

    1. I know right, so yummy!

      I could eat it everyday, just ate the santa!

  3. Love the shoes and socks! Great haul! :)


  4. Great presents love the boots.

  5. Wow, that's quite a haul and presents! I got the Real Techniques one a while back, and just got the Core collection recently. It has made such a difference to my make-up. I can't recommend them enough, especially the buffer brush for foundation. It's really good.
    I had the Vaseline tin for Christmas too! I love it, there's lots of goodies in it. And I can't live without my Simple products. They are so good arn't they!

    Found your blog via the #bbloggers chat, and loving your beauty posts!

  6. Oooh I got the same slippers as you! Lovely presents


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