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‘Tis The Season – The Young Republic 2012 Christmas Collection

Hey ladies,

As you have probably guessed with the festive lights, the Christmas cheer and those oh so delicious mince pies; that it is quickly coming up to Christmas. So, I was scanning through my emails today and I came across an email from Young Republic. I love new brands and finding online stories which people don't usually know about here in the UK is brilliant! I had a look on the website - it is safe to say, I am smitten. I think if you're looking for a gift which is a little different this Christmas you should check this out - whether you're from the US or anywhere else. 

I personally am a lover of clothes as you may of guessed, and I usually have to direct family to certain shops with certain shapes to ensure I don't have to return - I am fussy with what I wear so I usually end up with make up or something instead! So to find a online store in which I know I would be happy with is quite frankly delightful! I am sure most women could find something they like, and for those men out there, you could probably make gift shopping that whole lot easier! 

Firstly one of the main things I loved was the breakdown. You have party dresses, jewellery and so on! 

So make shopping that whole lot easier this year, and get some brilliant items this year on Young Republic

K x

1 comment:

  1. I love that LOVE necklace and that fantastic dress!
    Not sure about the slit being I'm only 5'2! hahhaa

    Great Post!

    xo KCN


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