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Review: Bourjois Paris Volume Clubbing Mascara

Hey my lovelies,

So after not blogging for a couple of days, I bombard you with posts. I felt I hadn't had any inspiration to blog, and then suddenly I had so many things I wanted to share with you! This is actually my first review on a product. Usually I ruin the packaging of  a product before I can review it! Anyway, onto the mascara. 

Honestly, this mascara didn't really do it for me. I do love Bourjois products and usually I would use them daily, but this mascara isn't as good as previous ones. However, I do use it but find it is only good for one stroke. It becomes clumpy with the second, and unless you're into the spider eye look, you should only use one stroke. 

The brush is okay for a mascara, but I have used a lot better with the likes of Rimmel Scandaleyes(I think that is the name of it). I would prefer it to be a little more spread out because it would avoid problems of clumping and I really don't like it when it does. I mean overall it is an okay mascara and for the price, £7.99, it is a good product. I wouldn't personally buy it again, but for some people it may work.

If you want to buy this product you can do so Here

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  1. Its a shame you havnt put pictures of it on. I would love to see the difference with it on and with it off. But nice review anyway.


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