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If you're on the ball in the fashion world it is likely you will have an idea about this recent collaboration between Maison Martin Margiela and H&M. H&M often do collaborations, earlier this year they collaborated with Anna Dello Russo and the items were hot picks that season. This new collaboration is a little funkier, in my opinion, and MMM obviously has a vivid imagination! 

In an ideal world I would of gone to the opening and raided the whole shop, buying everything in sight. However this is reality and with school and other commitments I haven't been able to look at theses items in the flesh. I have however had a look online and I can only say I am impressed. I have one item I need to get my hands on after seeing it on Blonde Salad I just knew I had to have it! They are the really different booties with the see-through heel - you have probably seen them about! 

The main thing I really like about this collection is the fact it isn't like your typical high street stuff, it is so quirky and different! Granted that now it has become a high street store product it won't be individual or different because many fashionistas will be scattered all over in the pieces, but nevertheless it is a lot different to your typical H & M.

From a cute evening dress to some super tight leather trousers - it does offer a large range of items. You can check out the range Here for yourself! It definitely is worth a look!  


  1. very chic.

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