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KK: Kardashian Kollection

Hey my lovelies,

Two posts in one day -eager eh. Well basically I heard about the Kardashian collection (I'm sorry but I have to spell it correctly) and I just had to check it out online. I cannot honestly say I am a fan of the Kardashian empire, but I was optimistic to see what they had designed for Dorothy Perkins. 

I can honestly say - I am surprised. I was expecting the collection to be a little less classy - don't hate me - but Kim loves to show off her assets, whereas I don't. But there is no sign of boobs, bum and everything else! They offer a range of different dresses, coats, etc. They are all different shapes, sizes, designs. I simply am impressed, the girls have outdone themselves. I do hope that they designed them on their own and didn't leave it all to their designers.

Price wise - it is fairly good. It isn't as if you could go and do a Primark spree, but you could buy a few bits for under a £100

The collection really is brilliant. I usually would criticise anything from the Kardashian as I did think it would be an awful collection just used for more money, but I really do think they believe in this collection. It looks like an actual range with lots to choose from! I have a few pieces I might invest in..

What do you think about the KK collection?
Dress £40 Here

PU jacket £55 Here

Dress £40 Here

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