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Grant Bowler wows in 'Liz and Dick' whilst Lindsay gets her comeback.

When I heard the troublesome Lindsay Lohan was appearing in a film almost documenting the infamous relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton I was a little sceptical that it wouldn't be a top hit, nor would I enjoy it. However, I was mildly surprised when I watched it - it was not the trainwreck I almost imagined it to be. 

The story documents Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's love affair - beginning with their scenes from Cleopatra to their turbulent relationship caught up in lust and conflict. Lohan played Taylor relatively well, but Grant Bowler was absolutely brilliant. You may remember Grant Bowler from the hit comedy show Ugly Betty where he played a drop dead convict. His performance in this film was outstanding. It was evident he had a lot of passion for this project and his portrayal of Richard Burton - both actor and husband - was truly believable. There is no denying the sole focus was largely for Lindsay and her 'comeback' film. Grant Bowler, I believe, has been slightly overlooked in this respect for his brilliant portrayal.

As a huge fan of both Elizabeth Taylor and Lindsay Lohan, I couldn't help but feel Lindsay fitted into this role perfectly. One quote in particular had an uncanny resemblance to the life Lindsay had been living, "I have been acting since I was 9, I don't know how to do nothing", which I am sure furthered her love for this project but also her attachment to Elizabeth's early life and herself. There is no denying that she has had her troubles, but they should be overlooked. Her portrayal in this film reminds us of who she used to be - that bubbly red head in Parent Trap. 

The storyline is a little jumpy and undoubtedly there could be more room for improvement. The storyline basically outlines their turbulent relationship, largely focusing on the heavy amount of alcohol abuse within the relationship and their constant rows. The film unfortunately, in my opinion, put both Elizabeth and Richard in a negative light. I felt they both came across as angry, fame hungry and too focused on the less important things in life which I am sure isn't a correct representation of the two. There is no denying that Elizabeth Taylor loved the spot light, but I can't help feel this was over exaggerated. 

However, with that said, I did still believe it was a brilliant film. Grant Bowler gave an outstanding performance and Lindsay Lohan achieved her comeback. They both did well, Bowler just a little more. I would advise you to watch it, however it doesn't compare to classics like Breakfast at Tiffanys. 


  1. Totally agree, Kassie. Bowler's Burton was spot-on - and not just the voice (which was freaky good), but also the subtle mannerisms, expressions, movements. I've studied Burton's films for over 40 years now -- really studied them as a young actor might -- and Bowler got him perfectly.

    1. It was really amazing! The resemblance was uncanny and I really did admire him for it! He is a brilliant actor, so underrated. He should get a little more credit for his outstanding performance!

  2. I completely AGREE with you! Although she received harsh reviews from critics. WHATEVER. It's all about how hard she worked to make this movie, I thought it was amazing. She tired her very best, isn't that all that matters anymore!

    Great Post!

    xo KCN

    (p.s. Love your Lindsay Lohan)


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