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Autumn Favourites: Lipsticks

Hey my lovelies,

You have probably noticed a change in my URL, I just wanted to explain this. I wanted to make my blog a little more personal and little less limited so by self titling it, you can experience my life as well! 

I thought I would do a post on my Autumn lipstick favourites. With Winter coming to England rapidly, Autumn is nearly over *cries* which means more layers and hat hair. But on another note, my Autumn lipsticks. I have been wearing lipstick more than usual and my top is probably my new MAC nude lipstick which I haven't stopped wearing. Originally I regretted buying it for ages and it sat in the bag, unopened for about two weeks - but now it is my October favourite product! 

Lipstick never used to interest me, I was always focused on the eyes. Oh how life changes. I use lipstick pretty much everyday now, whether it is to add a little pink or have full blown bright lips - it is a holy grail item! Darker colours are usually in during the colder months, but you can't beat a nude lipstick! You will have to ignore the state of my skin - been having a bad spout. If anyone knows any great skin care, let me know! 

 Rimmel - Bordeaux 195
I love this colour so much. It was actually one my mum randomly got me, it is a really bright colour! It is a little vampy which I think fits perfectly with this style!

 No7 - Glace 
This colour is a shiny bright pink and I love it! It is fairly minimal so I can wear it from day to night. The lipstick actually lasts a substantial amount of time as well which  I was really impressed with! 

 MAC frost CB 96
This is a great, great shade for Autumn. It is an orange shade, and if you can't tell by the name it has a frosty glaze to it. The sparkle in it is really cute. I absolutely love this colour, I have been matching it with my nails a lot too! 

MAC Cremesheen Japanese Maple
This nude shade is beautiful. I wear it pretty much every day for school as it is simple yet visible. The texture is also another thing I like, it is surprisingly moisturising to the lips which most lipsticks don't usually do for my lips! 

What are your favourite lipsticks this season just gone?


  1. Love the Japenese Maple lippy! Looks fab! (: xx

  2. Hi:) I have the same blazer, so uncanny. But mine's Thrifted:) Nice blog!

  3. nice blazer!!

    check me out

  4. Love the Rimmel colour. It really suits you, and it looks like the perfect party shade in the winter. x


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