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ISWAI: Once again delivers.

Hey my lovelies,

As you all know from previous posts - I do like a bit of ISWAI. I actually do love the name, It Starts With An Idea, is actually pretty inspirational for all of you guys who are searching for those words which get you going on an assignment or a project. Anyway - enough of my ramblings and onto the collection.

This new collection looks a lot different from the other collection, the T-shirts are more slogan t-shirts. Nevertheless, they are still awesome! If you're one of those people who likes something a little quirky, something inspirational then I am sure you will be blowing your money on ISWAI in a matter on minutes! 

One of the main t-shirts which really caught my eye has to be the 'Believe' T-shirt by Amy Maggs. The quote really is inspiring and I think now and then, you need something to pick you up. The T-shirts are affordable, they are fashionable and they are worth investing in. 


Not only are the T-shirts pretty cool, ISWAI have brought out such a nice bag - I WANT ONE NOW. Unfortunately, I will have to wait a while, but I am determined to get one. The bag is a bag which I will like purely because I seem to love anything with black on it (it goes with anything right?). I mean I could justify another bag to add to my many, that is goes brilliantly with my suede Chelsea boots...I'm sold. 


 Last, but definitely not least, the jewellery. I have, in the past few months, developed a love affair with jewellery. A full blown love affair. I never really wore it until I suddenly kept buying it, and now I wear something every single day. I am however very particular about it. ISWAI jewellery has always been something I have liked, it doesn't follow the typical status quo of most jewellery and is really unique. This necklace caught my eye as it just looks so magical, like really magical! I just need this in my collection and the moment I get money in the bank, I have a feeling it will be going straight back out again!

What are your opinions on ISWAI? 

K x

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  1. Hei! I just found your blog and it is amazing!

    I am following your blog and I hope you will follow mine too!

    Ana V

  2. I do like a lot of the ISWAI designs, especially the tshirts and I love that Caggie is helping get exposure for a number of young and unknown designers... however the price really bothers me. These designers are new on the scene and I think the items are mostly massively over priced. I dont think I'd spend the money on these items, however lovely they are, until they bring out a more reasonable price point xx

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    1. They are really great aren't they! I think the way Caggie is allowing them to have a chance in an industry which is so hard to get into is great! I think they are fairly reasonable, could be a little cheaper. But you're paying for the whole experience -packaging and everything. I am absolutely smitten with the bag though!

      Thanks for your comment! xx

  3. Loving the necklace so much! I've never heard of ISWAI before, but I'm definitely going to be checking it out!

    Jo xo


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