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High End VS High Street

There are many debates in which people ponder the question: are designer items really worth the extra money in comparison to high street items? Designer items do often carry a high price tag rather than the reasonable price of high street, however you have to take into consideration the quality...or are people merely paying for the name?

Designer items are luxurious, beautiful and often expensive. Brands such as Mulberry, Prada, Jil Sander and many more demand a lot of money for their products, and for those who cannot afford they simply cannot have. The difference between some of these items and some high street items is sometimes hard to tell. On the other hand, these items are unique and with the lower budgets high street shops carry they may not be able to replicate this. 

I personally would happily drop a lot of money on designer items if I had it, because I really do believe you're paying for the quality. Although at heart I am a high street girl, designer items do often give a little dazzle to an outfit. The main two items I would happily spend a lot on are; Bags and Shoes. I don't think you can really get much better than designer shoes and bags and people who are hesitant about buying them - you really shouldn't be! 

High street clothes are brilliant though, they are usually designer from the runway so you're getting similar pieces for a fraction of the price! I will always buy high street clothes! 

Can you tell the difference between these items? 

K x

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