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Be Aware of those around you.

Hi guys, 

So I have been enlightened over the weekend, just how many people feel so alone that they would consider, or even do, take their own lives. It upsets me to think that people as young as my little brothers hurt themselves and consider killing themselves, because of what people say, what they do. 

Stories like Jonah Mowry and Amanda Todd aren't single cases, this is a widespread problem. Thousands of people feel that death is the only way out - and why? Because people make them miserable. I can't honestly say I know what it is like to want to kill yourself, I don't. But I know what it is like to feel so alone, as if you couldn't talk to anyone about what you're going through - but you can. Someone will always be there, usually the people you least expect. Whether they're a stranger, someone you have just met or an old friend, you should tell someone how you feel. 

YOU ARE NOT ALONE, no one is alone. 

Someone will be there; I will be there, charities will be there, parents, friends, teachers, have someone who will care. I do know how it feels to be alone, to be so upset you just try and get through it alone - but you can't, you need someone. 

A lot of the time you may feel you made a mistake, you deserve what is going on - you don't. No one could honestly say that they have never made a mistake, because everyone makes mistakes. Especially when you're young. Mistakes can be erased, made up and forgotten - death cannot. People make mistakes - we are human. Don't let the haters make you feel as if it is the end of the world, because believe me I have made mistakes and they escalated, but the people who didn't care are the ones who are worth staying for.

Don't ever let the haters get you down, they aren't worth it and you're worth so much more.  

Work hard, believe in yourself, achieve great things - because proving them wrong will be the best cure ever to how you feel, showing them that they didn't ruin you, they made you stronger. 

Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind. 

You are not alone. 

To anyone who feels alone and needs some to talk to, please email me:


  1. This is such an inspiring post. I do agree with you, people can be so mean sometimes that you tend to take their words seriously thereby inflicting pain to yourself. Though I never thought of taking my own life, I did have times when I wished for death. Not a good place to be in but as you say, there are people out there who care. So you just stick it out, make yourself brave, and wait for the storm to pass.

  2. It is really sad that other people can lead to someone feeling like that! Yes - there are most definitely people who care, people who would be there! I agree, I am fortunate to have never had these thoughts but those who do - my heart goes out to them!


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