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Trends: Peplum Dresses, Skirts and Tops.

As you all know one HUGE trend at the moment is the peplum dresses, skirts and tops. They have been all over the runway for Spring/Summer 2012 and they have continued to fill up the rails in high street stores. What is so great about this ridiculously popular style? Firstly I would suggest that it is largely down to the fact you can wear it at any size. The dress highlights your curves and hides possibly "problem" areas around the stomach. I for one am a fan of these dresses purely for that. 

If you're in  touch with the runway you would of noticed its obvious takeover of it. They were huge this season, but for now I will give you some high street alternatives! 

Glamorous! I love this. It is only £32 and would go with so much.

Traditional, cute and essential to anyone's wardrobe. This is great for work or evening wear. This again is from Topshop for £48 which is great!

This cute and funky dress is from Topshop. It is different to your usual block colours, it plays with the usual peplum idea. This is £160 which is a little more expensive. 


  1. Id love it but do not have the figure for it xx

    1. Peplums look great on every size! You'd look gorgeous, if you feel self concious go for a black one, they're slimming! All sizes are beautiful, don't put yourself down! :)


  2. i really want a peplum top, great post :)

    1. Thank you! You have no idea how much that means!xxx


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