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Bag Crush.

Ladies, this one is for you! Recently I have been lacking inspiration for my blog, however I have regained my inspiration down to one label; Liliyang. One of the main things in life I am usually weakened to is bags. Big bags, smalls bags, clutch bags, purses- you name it, I will usually desire it. The main thing about Liliyang has to be the fact that the bags would go with anything, you could form an outfit out of them or wear them with a statement. They're totally flexible! 

I am have to admit, I added up how much it would cost me to get everything I wanted and I might of possibly covered my university tuition next year- but what the hell, they're worth it! The items are timeless, something which you should think about when investing in a designer bag. Designs like the Ida bag are definitely timeless and could last a while, partially because of their high quality. 

I have to admit, I will be waiting for a while as I am awful with saving...however I might have to change that due to my obsession with the bags, perhaps I will start off small and build up my collection.

Smart, sophisticated and timeless. Purse £236.00

A gorgeous and iconic bag, would go with everything. Ida bag- £886.00

This tote reminds me so much of Audrey Hepburn, a style icon of mine. Sianna tote- £768.00

Start off small with this cute card holder. Card holder- £68.00

Liliyang is worth a look. 

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