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Louise Thompson: Sunglasses envy.

I have discovered one of my new HUGE fashion envies...Louise Thompson's sunglasses collection. She always seems to have the most amazing sunglasses in the pictures- always so elegant and unique. If you're looking for something funky this year to shield from the sun then I would definitely copy her style. 

If anyone knows where these gorgeous glasses are from- please notify me. They're so funky and edgy- I just love them. 

These glasses looks really similar to the Tom Ford ones (Click here to check them out) which are on the Harrods website. They look so similar that you could hardly tell the difference if they are another kind. 

Here you have the classic Ray Ban's, I absolutely love Ray Bans and favour them. This particular design is so great for summer. It goes with so much and is such a timeless investment. 


  1. Loving the sunnies !! All !!
    I have the same as in the first photo - i bought them from eBay with only 10£ , just search for baroque sunglasses !!
    Following you now !! Bisoux xx

  2. Thank you! I am a sunglasses junkie! I just realised I was only following you by email and instagram!Become a member now. I shall do that, I love them!

    Thanks for the follow xx

  3. Those sunglasses are seriously awesome,, I am in love wid them already... thanks for introducing them to me :)

  4. Love those glasses so crazy and awesome! I know of a place that also has crazy glasses that are super unique! They are RAEN and you can only buy them online and in select boutiques. Just search them on google and check them out!


  5. The white glasses in the first picture are prada!! Xx

  6. I found this out just today whilst trying on sunglasses! They're gorgeous! Thank you xx

  7. These sunglasses are really gorgeous. These type can also be found at Sunglass Hut. Unique, trendy and elegant.


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