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How to have a successful blog: Rachel Michaella

Some of you may know about Rachel Michaella, the founder of blog which gives an insight into not only fashion, but individual style. The blog reeks uniqueness and shows how you don't have to follow the trends to be stylish- your style is what you make it. I only recently saw the blog after wanting to expand my knowledge of blogs, and when I got in touch with Rachel she was happy to give some advice and explain the blog. I gave her a few questions to answer, and here they are! 

1.      Introduce yourself
Hi! I’m Rachel Michaella and I’m the Founder & Editor of blog Watch This Place ( ) It’s heavily influenced by my own taste in grunge/punk influenced fashion and rock music. I love the catwalks and I’m obsessed with fashion trends but I like to give them my own spin. I’d call myself a ‘style blogger’ as opposed to a ‘fashion blogger’. Fashion is simply the act of copying what the runways tell you to wear; style is the act of taking that inspiration and making it your own – I love the diversity that can create. I’m also Deputy Editor of webzine British Style Bloggers ( ) and I’m a consultant for my friend Joey’s newly launched clothing line, Moxy ( ). I’m also an author and poet and a Literature & Linguistics student in my, er, ‘spare time’.

2.      What was the inspiration for your blog?
There wasn’t a particular person or blog that inspired me to start it, really. I don’t think emulating someone else is necessarily a good thing; you’ve got to find inspiration from yourself. I’ve been publishing my writing, mostly creative pieces, since I was about twelve but I really wanted more experience in editorial and journalism. I’d wanted to start my own blog for months before I did but held back because I didn’t know if I was good or interesting enough. In the end, I just went for it. You’ve got nothing to lose and you only get one life. I’m so glad Watch This Place is something I started.

3.      How do you create the layout on your blog?
I publish my own blog through – I used to be on Wordpress, which has a more professional layout, but I feel Blogger is more reader friendly in many ways and has a lot more personal feel. Red is the theme colour of my blog – I wanted it to be bright and loud! I’m also pretty proud of my site header, which was made by mixing different newspaper graphics and adding my own photos from London Fashion Week.

4.      Best achievement on your blog?
Best achievement? I’m not entirely sure if I’ve had one yet?! I guess if I had to answer I’d say reporting for both my blog and British Style Bloggers from London Fashion Week (currently applying for my third season – fingers crossed!) would be my highlight. Fashion Week is this crazy whirlwind of show, show, lunch, show, exhibition, presentation, dinner, party etc. The days can be 9am-midnight and it’s exhausting but I love every minute of it. There’s this assumption it must be very judgemental and narrow-minded to work in that kind of environment, but I find the way people dress and present themselves so inspiring. I’ve never been surrounded by a community that’s so accepting of whatever you want to be and that’s very cool.

5.       Is it something you'd like to take on into later life?
A million times yes! To do what I do now but actually get paid more than mere pennies here and there for it would be a dream! I’d like to work for a magazine maybe, or even eventually take on blogging full-time if it really took off. Most of the pieces I write are in fashion because that’s where I ended up getting most of my opportunities, but I’d love to do music journalism too. I’m 18 so I’ve got the whole world in front of me. I’ll see what happens. 

'Backstage at Winchester Fashion Week 2011, Photo: Glen Jevon'  

With thanks to Rachel for the advice! 

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