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Fashion undoubtedly is a great way to show your inner self. A friend of mine, who is also a blogger, recently wrote about how it is a great way to show who you really are. I liked this concept and feel it is something I recently have become more confident with. 

They're are so many ways which you can show how creative, unique and individual you are through fashion. You don't always have to follow the crowd and a lot of the time people will notice you're not the ordinary Joe through your clothing. Granted most of the clothes on the high-street are not as easy to exert of your individualism largely due to the large amount of items they sell. However you can find pieces in places like Camden Market which are different. Possibly even vintage stores for your unique fix. 

People seem to follow the crowd a lot these days, me included, because they are scared of reactions if they wear something crazy or different. I know so many people who have only recently begun to wear things which are unique and I respect them so much for it. I would definitely put forward the point- "Always be yourself"- because you are great, you can become individual and still be seen as fashionable. Alexander McQueen has to be one of the best examples of being individual, but having the diversity to change it for the person. Alexander McQueen looks toned down on the red carpet, but on the runway it shows the wild thoughts the designer had creating these masterpieces. 

Just remember- fashion isn't all about follow the trends.

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