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Dazzle in ISWAI

ISWAI jewellery was launched Monday night, and I love it! I personally don't buy a lot of jewellery,  but I will be buying a couple of items when I get paid! The reason I like the collection is because it is really unique- not like the copies you always find on the high-street. It is like Caggie and her team have combined the designer uniqueness of it with the more high-street price. 

The collection highlights Caggie's individuality and shows her good eye for fashion. I would personally advise anyone to grab it whilst you can! Here are a few of my favourite items: 

ISWAI £24.99

This ring is really cool! It is easily teamed with most other (plain) jewellery and can become a statement piece of jewellery collection. It is also great with a punky kind of look!

ISWAI £21.99

Feathers are so cool! I love how they make everything look so boho and nice! One of the few things I do invest in is feathery jewellery! 

ISWAI £19.99

This is probably one of my favourites! 

Don't just take my word for it, check it our yourself at

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  1. Same! I literally want pay day to hurry up now!

    Please check out my other posts if you have time!



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