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Victoria's fabulous outfit!

The one thing I have been obsessed with all day is Victoria's outfit she wore! Someone please give me her figure and clothes, haha! Both herself and Mark Vandelli have posted pictures of her. She looks fun but also classy, not a look most people can pull off to be honest. The dress looks sixty's style, backed up by the caption this appears to be true! Here you go!

I found some suggestions, by Mark's hint of Pucci, I presume the dress is from Emilio Pucci. I found some similar dresses from her, although none have the belt- but adding a belt is not hard! 
Emilio Pucci £670
Emilio Pucci £955

Jimmy Choo £595

Roberto Cavalli £1,100

Christian Louboutin £635
Now if someone can lend me their credit card I can go and buy myself this!

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