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Beauty must haves: on a budget!

I thought I would do a blog on beauty products as I never really do anything other than Fashion! There are so many beauty must haves that women are instructed to have, but a lot of the time these products cost a scary amount if you're on a budget! I have some great saves on beauty must haves and I've brought some myself.

All these products I personally use myself and they completely work for me! Depending on your skin type they're great! Some of the products which would work for my skin may not work for someone who has dry skin, or another type of skin. 

2True £1.99
Firstly I have this 2True lip and cheek tint- I use it religiously! It is great for giving you that extra little pinky tint on your cheeks and on your lips. I don't use it as much on my cheeks at the moment as in summer I prefer to use bronzer on my cheeks- however I use it on my lips every single day! I would highly advise it to anyone who wants a good lip/cheek tint at a low cost. I got it in a 3 for £4.99 deal in Superdrug- but it is only £1.99 on its own! If you're on a budget this is a great product to get your hands on! Get shopping! 

Rimmel £8.99

This product you have probably seen advertised all over TV, and why the hell not! It is a fantastic product and it is also a good price! The foundation gives a nice radiant glow and sits really well on your face, I don't think I have ever had an foundation streaks from this product which is great! The foundation is sold in most shops that sell Rimmel- in Superdrug and Boots it is £8.99 which I think is a great price for foundation! 

Champneys £9

Okay as you can see this is nearly empty- and there is a reason for that! Champney's hand cream manages to keep my hands soft for ages, I love it. I personally got it in a set with a few other products, but you can buy one similar on Boots for £9! I would advise it a lot...okay maybe it is not necessarily that cheap for hand cream, but it will last for ages! 

T-ZONE £2/3
I have only recently started using these wipes and find them really good for oily skin. I personally have quite oily and shiny skin, especially on my nose. These wipes help balance it out a bit which is really good because most other products I have tried do not do this. You can probably get them in most shops and they're around £2/3 which is a complete bargain! 

Madara Spa £8

I have been waiting to write about this product throughout this post- it is one of the best moisturisers I have EVER used! The product thoroughly moisturises the skin and makes it super soft! It is not only the fact it moisturises so well, but it smells amazing too! It is fairly reasonable priced and as you probably know that body butter lasts for a while. I got mine in a set from Sainsbury's! It is only £8 for the body butter, the sets are probably more! I would highly highly highly advise this product to anyone! 

Nivea £4.99

This product is great for all over your body which is what I like the most! I personally have the 25ml one because it is easy to keep in my bag or purse, it is basically just always ready to use! I personally use it a lot on my face and neck because it doesn't sting or anything. It always makes my skin really soft as well! It is £4.99 on Amazon, but you can buy bigger versions of 300ml for a few pound more. It purely depends upon if you want to carry it around with you all the time or not! 

Hope you have enjoyed it and remember not all these products may suit you, try what makes you feel good! 

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