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You, YOU and you!

1. Have fun with your fashion and try anything you feel like trying!
Just because you think your friends won't like it or it is not in season does not mean it is not fashionable. You should wear clothes which suit you and your figure, personality and style- not what someone else wants you to wear! Do not be afraid to try different things!

2. Old clothes can be used again- VINTAGE!
Most people assume once it is old and does not look great it should not be worn again- wrong! Vintage clothing is a great way to make your look individual! Whether it is your old stuff, charity, vintage shops or any other source it can be worn years on! Keep wearing it until you physically cannot!

3. Do not let your age affect your style!
Age seems to come with different labels. Do not let your age determine your style, whether you are 16 or 60 you should wear what you feel good in and what represents the person you are not what people expect you to wear!

4. Dressing up is acceptable at any age!
You should dress up whenever you feel like it! Do it when you're at home alone and feel like looking and feeling good, or when you're going out for a night with your friends! Just because you don't have an occasion, you feel too old  or anything else does not mean you cannot do it! Do it and you will feel great!

5. Choose a bag and shoes which YOU like!
Just because the latest Chanel and Dior bags all follow a certain trend in bags and shoes does not mean you have to! Find a bag which you LOVE and shoes which are comfy but look good. They don't have to match, they just have to make you feel good! Whether they are cheap or expensive! Here are some suggestions!

6. Have fun with fashion! 
Experiment with fashion and make it your own! Do not stick to something because you want to play it safe, do something which makes you feel good!

7. Break the traditions! 
If you want to clash the colours such as black and brown, and others, then do it! You should feel free to mix them however you want, not confined because society has said so!

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