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Glitz and glamour at Topshop

Topshop is one of the well known high street stores in England, and now is quickly becoming so in America. They offer you different types of clothing, from flowery, flowing dresses to skeleton emblazoned tops and to many people their diversity appeals.

Their recent collections, two in particular, have caught my eye!

The going out collection 
It is bright, fun and flirty! I am swayed to think that if you're going out with the girls to somewhere you don't have to dress like Kate Middleton this is the kind of clothing you'd be inclined to wear. It has a lovely range of things, slim fitting white dresses or mesh skater dresses- both gorgeous by the way. There are some items in this collection which to be frank will make you look stupid unless you're a skeletal size 4 or less, such as bright blue metallic leggings.


Dress up collection
I literally love this! The clothes are so fun and exciting, they really are something I would definitely buy- the majority of the clothes would suit most people who are looking for something that is different to the usual! If you're looking for something fun and differed to the usual LBD or smart looking clothing then this collection is most likely preferable to you! 



Be sure to check out other Topshop items on their website! Or email me if you want any other information email

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