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Are they always right? TIMES100

The Times have recently released their most influential fashion icons list, listing the people they feel have made an impact in fashion today. The list is compiled of people who create style and make it individual. I would have to agree with all of them, although I feel they missed out a main person- Carrie Bradshaw.

Ever since the show started (unfortunately it is now finished) she has been pushing the boundaries of fashion, wearing Manolo's the majority of the time and famously had one of the most beautiful wedding dresses going! Although - yes - she is fiction I still feel she deserves her rightful spot on there.

However the list is definitely accurate with some of my favourite designers Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld  being on the designer list with their fabulous designs and absolutely to die for clothing! It is not a surprise that they are gracing the list!

Audrey Hepburn earned her rightful spot on it, she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Her natural beauty with her demure look made it clear she deserves her spot on the list!

The beautiful and elegant Audrey 

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