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My Flash Trash: Under £20 range

My Flash Trash if you did not know if an online jewellery store which has a number of different designers from all over the world. It is founded by Amber Atherton who is extremely young but yet has already created a well formed brand.

Their new collection is for the people who are money conscious and are on a fashion budget, all their rings are under £20! The collection was only recently released and it is a mix of playful and vintage I'd say, it looks amazing to be honest! 
Double Dagger ring £9.95

The collection is unique and probably different to most things you would find on the hight street, but then again you never know with the highs street! They have a fairytale house ring and a dagger ring which are both pretty cool and different, doubt you would find those on a high street. Then again you have the gold shield ring and the cross ring which are more likely on the high street, but still pretty awesome! 

I have to admit, some of the stock is sold out but what is left is still pretty cool! I would advise you to grab it now whilst they still last, I shall be ordering the dagger ring and the mix tape ring tonight most likely I love them! 

Mixtape ring £9.95

You can also follow them on Twitter! 


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