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Charity shops: fashion fix or fashion fall?

Charity shops are better upper class

Charity shops are seen to some as a place filled with old fashion, vintage pieces and complete bargains. To others they're old clothes which people don't want for a reason.

Charity shops sell clothes, book and many other little things some people would find appealing. They earn money for people who are less fortunate and also have some great clothes! I would say that charity shops are not just the typical old, smelly clothes! They are great for finding things which none of your friends will have- it can give you the clothes to make you individual. Although I would have to condemn some of the clothes as you do occasionally find a stained piece of clothing, but that is the same with any second hand clothing. Why is Ebay accepted but charity shops are not? One is a good cause.

Deciding to shop in charity shops does open your horizons of having something which someone does not, you can also get some expensive items a lot cheaper than usual! The best charity shops undoubtedly are in London where you can find countless items which are unique and in some places, Kensington or other upper class places, designer goods for probably more than half the price they were before!

The Red Cross website tells of where you can get designer brands in Charity shops:

69-71 Old Church Street
SW3 5BS 
Telephone: 0845 054 7101

85 Ebury St
Telephone: 020 7730 2235

or depending on whether you would prefer retro here are a few suggestions!

17-19 Nun St
NE1 5AG 
Telephone: 0191 222 1815

70 Murray Place 
Forth Valley
FK8 2BX 
Tel: 01786 445 725 
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9-5

So before you condemn charity shops for being places of smelly, second hand clothes take a look around and see what you can get from them. They are not all good, granted, but you can get some which have some nice clothes in there that your friends are sure not to have!

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