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Miss Millie Mackintosh

Millie Mackintosh is becoming one of the most celebrated reality TV stars in England. The traditional view of reality TV is more cheap than classy, but Made in Chelsea has managed to push the boundaries.

With a killer body and hair to die for, it is no wonder than there are ludicrous but beautiful pictures of her scantily clad all over the internet- but with a body like that who can blame her. Her fashion is another thing which girls should envy, she does the look of smart with added sexy.

One of her favourite outfits which I loved was her 1920's outfit she wore to a party in Made in Chelsea. The dress she wore was from Ghost, and it was beautifully accompanied with white gloves and silver jewellery! Her style to be honest is elegant, but yet attracts guys all the same. 

Her body is to die for, not only do we have this as a chance to think about cutting out the copious amounts of chocolate or consider hitting the gym more than the once a month we do. 
Photo's from the shoot

Her FHM shoot shows most men what they want, unfortunately not everyone has that amount of money to make us look that good. Barely dressed in next to nothing, she poses for a selection of luscious pictures and shows Hugo Taylor what he missed out on- it is no secret that guys love her and girls want to be like her.

She may not be an accountant or a lawyer or be amazingly clever but she certainly can turn a few heads with her looks and style. Her style is typical Chelsea, it is gorgeous. 


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  1. Ahh I love Millie. Nice to see she is being given some attention on blogger! I really want to try her eyelashes.

    Mel x


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