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Hangover Be Gone

Hangover Be Gone
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In the summer more than ever, we're prone to having one too many glasses of wine or that extra shot we know we shouldn't be doing, but regardless succumb to the chants from our friends. If you're not spending at least a day hungover a week then are you really doing London right?

We're kidding, of course you don't have to drink to find London fun. But when you're hungover it's easy to think it's the worst place in the world when really it's, believe us, the best. And we've been there more than we'd like to admit, forgetting how much there is to do despite being hungover and instead scoffing Meat n' Shake on the sofa. 

But don't worry - we've got some ideas to help guide you through that hangover from hell...

The obvious option for any Londoner, and something we've expressed we're exceptionally passionate about previously. When hungover is there anything better than bacon, coffee and avo being presented in front of you? We think not. Find out our favourite brunch spots HERE

And if you're feeling brave, Bottomless Brunch
There is nothing quite like hair of the dog. Some people can, some people can't - there really is no telling. But if you can then you're in luck because there are so many different bottomless brunches across the City - and they're reasonably priced in most cases. We recently headed to Tootoomoo Bottomless Brunch and LOVED it.

Go and get some fresh air with London's sights
Get out, get yourself moving and before you know it you'll forget you're even hungover. We promise - 75% of the time it works.

Failing that - seek sugar 
Find some sugar. Whether it's trying a Freakshake from Molly Bakes in Hackney, or Dum Dum doughnuts from Shoreditch. If you're feeling exceptionally adventurous - head to either Maltby Market or Broadway Market for an array of sugary treats. 

Cold water...
Anyone else get MAJOR cravings for being in cold water? No - just me? Head to one of the many Lidos in London if you want to get your swim on...obviously weather permitting. 


Budget Date Ideas

Budget Date Ideas
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We're a generation of serial daters. It really is a numbers game in London and the problem is thinking of unique places to go with the potential love of your life. For us? We always want to look clued up and as if I hang around in these cool places on the regular, which L-O-L I don't because we're not all made of money, and neither are most Londoners. 

Given it's a numbers game and if you're truly searching for 'the one', you will more thank likely be looking at having to go on a lot of dates. For both females and males, this means it's going to get pricey because buying a round in Central London is nothing like buying a round up north. 

But - dates don't always have to be copious amounts of drinks. Whilst it's sometimes the easier option to break the ice, there are some inexpensive ways to do something a little differently. 

The Tate Museum 
If you're looking to show off your cultural side and wow the potential 'love of your life' with how totally in touch with yourself you are - then the Tate Museum is your go-to place. All jokes aside - it really is one of the coolest places in London to head and shows there's more to you than just going out for drinks...not that'd we'd be complaining about that.

Museum Lates 
The Natural History Museum hosts Museum Lates on the last Friday of every month. Perfect timing being a Friday, even better that it's free and the drinks inside really aren't that expensive. And if it goes well, then you've got several bars and restaurants moments away in South Kensington. 

POP Brixton
If you're looking for something low-key, where you can either just drink or snack on the various different pop-ups here then this is your place. Located close to the station and open until late, POP Brixton is one of our favourite places to go. Whether it's a date, or even with friends, it's sure to tick the boxes for an inexpensive, chilled date.

Much like the above, but east of the river for those of you who don't fancying trekking it South West. Last summer, they did these incredible BBQ ribs which were quite possibly the highlight of my summer. 

Picnic in the Park 
Luckily for us, we're now getting into the summery weather where having a picnic on one of the various commons isn't completely out of the question. And what screams romance more than chilled wine, in the sun, on a

Richmond Park
Quite possibly one of the most romantic parks in London - no? Whilst some of us (me) cannot get the video of "JESUS CHRIST FENTON" out of our heads, others will no doubt get lost in the place that's in London, but feels much further away. 

Four Thieves 
If you are going for drinks - then don't make it boring. As easy as it is to go to your local where you feel comfortable - we're all guilty of it - it's nice to get out and about without completely breaking the bank. Four Thieves in Clapham Junction is an arcade themed bar - and it's really not expensive. 

Failing that - take them to meet your parents...
It'll definitely be free that way, and what could possibly go wrong?


Just MOVE to LDN

Just MOVE to LDN
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Given the name of our blog, it'll come as no surprise that we're advocates for the London lifestyle. Whilst we've both been here long enough to resist calling it 'The Big Smoke' and we're getting to the point where we can navigate our way around London without relentlessly using Citymapper, we know how big a decision it is to move here.

For many, you'll be moving from the comfort of your family home perhaps up North or a home county, and to be honest nothing quite beats home and nothing quite compares to London. 

But - why should you make the move?

The food...

London had me at "you don't have to use Southern rail", but kept me when I realised quite how incredible the London food scene really is. I've eaten at some of the best places in London and they're not always the swanky ones which wow you. 

There really is an unlimited choice of food in the capital, and it won't break the bank either...I mean Flat Iron sells steaks for £10 and they're actually pretty damn good.

You'll constantly have FOMO...

There is always something going on, always a reason to go out and you will always have fun. You quite literally couldn't get bored even if you tried your hardest. Whether it's a naked dining experience, heading to a bar on a Monday and getting steamed (which I totally did last night) or going to an exhibition. You truly will never get bored.

You will meet the best people in the world 

I will tell you now that you will meet the most incredible, weird, wacky and fun people in London...and everyone is so accepting. Londoner's are notorious for being grumpy - but having been to Paris and New York, we're like puppies in comparison.

And, if you do find someone who is exceptionally grumpy, hand them a drink and you'll see a change in personality because the one thing Londoner's love more than moaning about the tube is alcohol.

The jobs...

Without being a fun sponge...I guess this is why most people choose to move and understandably. There are so many opportunities in London to excel - and the best part? You don't need that degree they tell you you need (read: A Degree Does Not Define You) and neither of us have degrees and we're doing just fine. 

Explore, explore, explore...

London really is breathtaking and there's no better way to explore it than just walking around. Whether it's taking yourself on a walking tour of the Thames, or heading to Primrose Hill or just walking around the area you live in. There is so much to see in London you truly will never be bored for longer than 10 minutes. 

The boozing culture...

London is one of the few places in the world that it's completely acceptable to drink any day of the week - which is completely okay by us.

Last but not least...the London skyline

Every time I've ever doubted my decision to live in London, it takes one look at the skyline to remember why I pay nearly £700 for a box room or why I actively buy £5 pints...and it all just seems worth it.


Tootoomoo Brunch

Tootoomoo Brunch
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Tootoomoo Bottomless Brunch

As a Londoner it’s almost a rite of passage to do a boozy brunch at least once a month; if you’re not then you’re simply failing at being a Londoner. And, even if you’re not one, then who doesn’t love a day drinking session justified by the word ‘brunch’?

Count us in.

After spending the Friday night, on St Patricks Day, shamefully heading to bed at 9pm we felt the only saving grace to prove our “lifestyle blogger” status was to head to a bottomless brunch and fully take advantage of a day full of drinking, eating and exploring.

As we live in South west London, heading over to Tootoomoo in Islington was a little bit of a trek but, at the promise of an hour and a half of bottomless food and drink, we could hardly kick up a fuss.

Tootoomoo is a Pan Asian restaurant moments from Highbury & Islington station, and with two other branches in North London it’s really beginning to build a presence amongst the north Londoners for not only the brunch, but the dinner menu too.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, Asian food is probably our favourite ever type of cuisine, we just love it - from Kiln in Soho to even just a standard chain Busaba.

The interior looks recently renovated - but with the shabby chic theme going on throughout with Kilner jars being used as lights and bright blue furniture. It’s the kind of place you could pitch up for a few hours with friends, or even come as a couple, but for bottomless brunch it’s always best to go with friends, obvs.

The menu is made up of a selection of small plates, tapas style dishes - and of course, cocktails. The bottomless brunch is simple - you can opt for the 1.5 hours of just food, or 1.5 hours of food and drinks. For an additional cost, you can do the brunch for two hours.

You can literally eat as much as you’d like; we opted for 6 sharing plates to begin. The cocktail menu is simple; around 6 options or you can choose wine to share if you’d prefer.

We decided on the elderflower, gin and mint based cocktail in a jug to share...given that gin and elderflower are two of our favourite things. We expected the cocktails to be fairly weak and watered down, given the bottomless element of it, however we were pleasantly surprised when it was exceptionally strong, and not to mention delicious.

For food we went for; Chicken gyoza, duck spring rolls, Shischimi squid, BBQ pork ribs, tiger prawn tempura and soft shell crab tempura.

In true tapas style, the food came as and when it was ready meaning we were never overwhelmed with the amount of food nor were we ever waiting around for food too long. The squid was the first dish to pull me in; whilst I love doing a fancy tasting menu or eating a delicious steak, I also cannot fault squid. Undoubtedly my favourite Asian food, and if you visit Tootoomoo then you simply have to order it.

A second best was the soft shell crab - it wasn’t greasy or oily, just perfect.

We’d expected to order more; but after 6 dishes we were well and truly stuffed and the thought of eating more food wasn’t something we fancied doing.

But drinking? We’d definitely got time and room for that.

We ordered another jug; this time opting for a Cosmo, on Alex’s request. Again - we were shocked at how strong it tasted. Either we’re both inexperienced drinkers (not possible), or the alcohol contents aren’t skimmed. We weren’t complaining...though spoiler, the next day we were.

Tootoomoo takes the bottomless brunch away from the standard avo on toast with prosecco, and opens it up to people. At £35 for one and half hours of food and drinks, or £30 for just the food, it’s worth the visit north if you’re south of the river like us.

They have two other branches in Whetstone (now, I won’t lie I’ve never ventured this far north) and Crouch End.

We’d recommend you heading to one of these the moment you get the chance - it’s worth the visit. We promise!

278 St Paul's Rd, Islington N1 2LH


The Big Change

The Big Change
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The Big Change
As you may have noticed - Style Devoured has disappeared, and ourLDNlife has replaced it.

After nearly 4 years’ as Style Devoured I've taken the decision to change, rebrand and refocus.

Style Devoured was originally a fashion blog; covering outfits, top finds and more. But as time went on, my “passion for fashion” dwindled and I found myself falling out of love with fashion, and in turn blogging.

I took 8 months out - unsure whether I'd ever go back - with the aim of working out what to do.

After a serious amount of consideration I decided to change to lifestyle, predominantly food, blogging but I kept the name. I always felt unsure about it - even whilst fashion blogging - and was so aware that I'd outgrown the name. But I just couldn't find another one I loved, one that didn't limit me to one aspect.

I've kept going - but now it's time for change.

Instead of continuing to blog solo, I've enlisted the help of my flatmate-turned-Bestie to bring a different element to it - a male one. I'd like to further confirm we're just friends, after a flurry of tweets and messages.

As a blogger, and marketer in my ‘real’ life, I spend hours looking at my Google Analytics. In recent months I've seen a huge increase in male readership - almost half of my readers are male - and whilst my content might not appeal to that all the time, I'm sure Alex will be able to bring another element which will be able to appeal. It's an exciting prospect to combine not just our London life, but also tailoring the content to both men and females.

So Style Devoured may have ceased to exist, the content will remain similar just better. It's an era of my life that has given me so many opportunities, but I have no doubt you're going to love this even more.

We want to share our London with you - because everyone's version of London is different.


Murder Mystery Party

Murder Mystery Party
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Since I was a child I've loved hosting events; the excitement of an idea, the planning of said idea and the feeling when those you invite enjoy your evening. Yet as an adult, I've never gone on to plan a dinner party - despite my love for food and planning events. It was about time I took my own dinner party virginity, but why do a normal dinner party when you can have a murder mystery themed one?

I'd never attended a murder mystery party, and I wasn't sure how it all came together, but from the moment I decided I was hosting one I knew that it would be a murder mystery. Guilty of being someone who takes things too far - I knew I wanted to go as all out as I could, even on a budget, and make the party enjoyable but also pocket-friendly. Something which I thought would be harder than it was. 

Buy a Kit, or make your own...
I bought a kit online for the murder mystery - which set the scene, provided the characters and their personalities alongside a few more bits. I paid a minimal £19.99 for mine on Murder Mystery store - by the way this isn't sponsored, all off my own back - and it gave me the fundamentals of the party. However it's simple to make your own - use Pinterest to make your own without the cost. It can be as simple or hard as you make it. 

Send the invites...
I've since learnt that the key to a successful dinner party is the guests, and more so with a murder mystery party. You need guests who don't take themselves too seriously and are happy to get into character, even if it means making a bit of a fool out of yourself. Send the invites - I designed mine online and simply emailed or posted for added effect. Keep it mysterious, and make sure you let them know they need to arrive in character. 

 Get decorations...
I knew I wanted to decorate the dining area, and surrounding areas, to keep in theme. If you look online (eBay, Amazon, etc) then you can find some great decorations. I opted for police tape, bloody handprints, bloody weapons, a suspect board. The decorations cost less than £15 in total, and added to the night massively. 

The lighting...
I knew from the offset that I needed the lighting to be as eery as possible. I banned any main artificial lighting throughout the night, relying on candles and fairy lights to keep the room alight and it worked perfectly. The dimmed lighting added to theme and the candles made a fantastic centrepiece. 

Keep the menu simple...
With a themed dinner party, keeping the menu simple and tasty is key. Cook something you've cooked before and you know you'll ace.

Keep in character, dress up...
Dressing up and taking it seriously made such a difference; don't be embarrassed to look a little silly. It's fun to dress up, embrace the characters and have a laugh at your nearest and dearest. 

Just have fun, and enjoy the mishaps...
The most important thing I learnt was not to get stressed; I was panicking that people weren't having fun which prevented me from having fun. The moment I stopped worrying, I ended up having one of the most enjoyable evenings I've ever had in London. And things will go wrong - we had a fire because one of the character sheets went up in flames but it's better to just laugh at it rather than fuss around. 
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